iPhone 6 Plus gets torn down, monstrous 2915 mAh battery found inside

iFixit teardown
iFixit teardown (Image credit: iFixit)

We all know the drill my now. Or rather the screwdriver. The moment a new iPhone hits retail — in this case the iPhone 6 Plus — it gets picked up and torn down. That means every screw removed. Every chip examined. Every part explored. So, any really big surprises in Apple's really big phone? According to iFixit:

  • In line with rumors, the battery is rated at 3.82 V and 11.1 Wh of energy, for a total of 2915 mAh—nearly double the capacity of the 1560 mAh unit in the iPhone 5s, and slightly larger than the 2800 mAh burner in the Galaxy S5.
  • Just like the iPhone 5s, the 6 Plus features an 8 MP (with 1.5µ pixels) ƒ/2.2 aperture rear-facing camera. The 6 Plus brings two new additions to the table: optical image stabilisation, and "Focus Pixel" phase-detection autofocus.
  • Apple A8 APL1011 SoC
  • Qualcomm MDM9625M LTE Modem

Check out the rest of the iPhone 6 Plus laid bare and then let me know if anything else leaps out at you. Personally, I really want to try that battery.

Rene Ritchie

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  • will it use the 5 watts iPhone charger or 10watts iPad charger ?
  • I'll find out when I get mine tomorrow but I bet it is the 5 as the iPad mini only has the 5
  • I just got my iPhone 6 (not plus) and it uses 5v. I doubt the plus is different. Sent from the iMore App
  • I just got my iphone 6 (its already the 19th here in Australia) and it uses 5v charger, i guess the plus might be different but i doubt it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wow i didnt mean to post twice, the first one didnt show up right away. Its ok ill rectify that by posting a third time Sent from the iMore App
  • What's RAM at 6+ ??????
  • One gig. And apparently it works flawless. Sent from the iMore App
  • I got the 128 GB plus and it should be here by the end of the day tomorrow
    Yeah i was to curious about the spec on the ram... possibly 1gb but i see 2gb being needed with the multi tasking and such.
  • What? It has a big battery? OMG? Wow its revolutionary... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Hey dude? Shut up. I'm an Android fan and people like you just look stupid. It's not abnormally huge, but it is larger than typical phones. It's going to carry it through a day and then some. Find a Android that does that without turning off half your features. You'll notice that's a short list. Posted via iMore App
  • Why do you even have the iMore app for Android thats an oxymoron
  • Buying the iphone 6 plus would be purchasing nothing more than a big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE or true productivity/multitasking abilities. I look at the iphone 6 plus and laugh at it's irrelevance to the phablet category made prominent by Samsung it's nothing special only to Apple heads. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 4 day one of launch October 17th for T-Mobile. Then I will wait for the launch of the Galaxy Note Edge and buy that also.
    At the end of the day it's always been pretty plain and simple for me since 2011 nothing else matters in the phablet game but Samsung. From my Galaxy Note 3 On T-Mobile via iMore App
  • You must be fun at parties Yarell. Calm it down please, there was a distinct lack of fanboyism on this article. Posted via iMore App
  • Because I like mobile technology and find the information I get on the Mobile Nations sites some of the best around the interwebz. their actual websites are rather slow and irksome. So I use all their apps. Second reason. I have an iPhone 5s. It's kind of a toy for me, and I use it to test some apps I code. Third reason. Because Google let them make an app for every ecosystem. Fourth reason. Because I fucking want to. Enjoy your day sir Posted via iMore App
  • Rene is 2915 really monstrous? I'd say that for anything larger than 3000 just because that's abnormal. Regardless, it's a nice bump, but I just picked up a 5s so it's a bump I won't use. (BTW, I do like this 5s. Very smooth. I like the Z30 better, but I'm a lot less critical of Apple now. This device will last another 2-3 updates, and next year the price will actually be worth it too. I got my girlfriend's old one. She "needed" the 6+) Posted via iMore App
  • Agree with you. I got myself a 5s (reluctantly) a few months ago, moving from a BB Q10 which was the best phone I've had. Coming to iPhone made sense for a few reasons - FaceTime and car connectivity being the most important - but I was expecting to dislike it a lot as a whole. While I still prefer BB10 (easily a better OS), I quite like the 5s and don't really want a phone any bigger than this.. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah, I was really critical of Apple after the whole "You're holding your phone wrong" issue. I still feel like I (would) have paid too much for the 5s, but thankfully it was free for me. And it's not too bad. I can play Infinity Blade again, and code apps for ios again. In all honesty I should pick up a 6 to code, but it's a hobby not a job. I've been thinking of picking up a q10 for my mom, she likes the physical keyboard and is still hanging on to a Nokia E70(or 71,can't remember) But the Z30 is still my daily phone, and until the Z50 (plz Blackberry) that won't change. Posted via iMore App
  • Really looking forward the battery tests, that could possibly be the most influential point in deciding between 6 and 6+, if the difference between both is significant. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ram!? Sent from the iMore App
  • don't really see the fuzz here; bigger screen, bigger battery needed, simples. so what's the news here?
  • :]
  • I don't understand why Apple doesn't reveal the specifications of its devices?Nobody knows about the RAM when the phone is already in people's hands. Posted via the iMore App for Android
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