Imac 2021 ColorsSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • iFixit has taken an iMac apart and filmed some of the process.
  • The new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID wasn't safe, either.

Apple's new M1 iMac has been on sale for a little while now and the folk at iFixit have already done what they are wont to do – taken one apart and detailed the whole process. Now, we get to watch some of that action in video form, too.

The video, released to YouTube, shows a blue iMac being taken apart and having its innards removed. It's a grizzly watch indeed, but an interesting one. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

The latest computer in Apple's lineup to inherit the snazzy M1 chip is the 24" iMac, redesigned with a new color palette and a shockingly thin profile. It's hard to imagine there's much room for repairability in this thing, but that's not going to stop us from tearing it down, along with the new Magic Keyboard.

Taking the iMac apart wasn't enough, though. iFixit has also dismantled a new Magic Keyboard to see what's going on inside – just to get a look at that new Touch ID sensor. Turns out, not a lot. But that's why it needed to be taken apart so we could find out, right?

We wouldn't suggest anyone takes their own iMac apart, of course. And anyone who hasn't already picked up Apple's latest Mac release should head over to our list of the best iMac deals before buying.