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Police, media claim carrier, manufacturers aren't doing enough to prevent phone thefts, and here's why they're wrong...

Today the New York Times published a piece on the explosion of cellphone thefts, the rise of the black market systems that wipe the phones and resell them, and the efforts - or alleged lack thereof - of carriers and manufacturers in not doing enough to prevent the thefts in the first place. The piece approaches the problem from all the wrong angles, and here's why...

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Thieves using Apple Stores to replace stolen iPhones

Acoording to a report by Reuters,Β Apple’s generous customer service may be causing huge problems for victims of iPhone theft. The warranty plan is tied to the iPhone and not the person who owns the phone; this means anyone can take an iPhone to an Apple Store for service or replacement.

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Daily Tip: How to find a UDID or serial number of an iPad

Trying to figure out where to find the UDID or serial number of There are many reasons you may need to look up your UDID, IMEI, or serial number of your iOS device. While earlier generations had the serial printed on the back casing of the device, many newer models don't. There are still several ways you can obtain this information both natively on your device or via iTunes.

Follow along to find out how.

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Buyer beware: Remote carrier unlocks for iPhone

A company by the name of Negri Electronics (among others) is offering a remote unlock for any iPhone model using the device's IMEI number -- the cost is a cool $175. They claim the unlock won't be affected by future software updates and back the service with a 100% money back guarantee.

This is the FIRST remote unlocking service for the iPhone. Any model, any carrier, any firmware, any baseband and a permanent unlock. YOUR PHONE WILL NOT RE-LOCK, EVER. This service is guaranteed. Simply send us your IMEI and within 24 hours yourself a permanently unlocked iPhone.

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Hidden "Matrix Code" on the iPhone

Got a video camera with a nightvision (infrared) setting? Grab your iPhone and take a look at the left-rear of the phone, as fskj85 of Austrialian Whirlpool did, and you'll see the snazzy "Data Matrix Code" underneath the body of the device. Wazzat, you ask? It's essentially a two-dimensional bar code (many Nokia phones are able to photograph these to get links to downloads, for example). Apparently the plastic in that section is transparent to infrared light, allowing you to see the matrix underneath. That's some secret-agent-design right there, folks, somebody nominate Jonathan Ives as the next James Bond.

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