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Imessage Tips

Secret iMessage shortcuts: Twelve gestures to speed up your iPhone chat!

Because you can never be too quick on the chat.

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How to remove your phone number from iMessage if you switch to Android

If you've switched from iPhone to something else, like Android, and aren't receiving text messages, it could be that your phone number is still registered with iMessage. If that's the case, Apple has an online tool you can use to deregister with iMessage and get your SMS/MMS working properly with your new phone.

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How to quickly share your location in iMessage for iOS 8

Sometimes we have the need to share our current location with someone, or in the case of younger children, you may want to always know where they are. Up until iOS 8 the only way to share a location was through the Maps app, which didn't give you constant location information, only current. Now you can now share specific location information as well as continuous location data with anyone else who is also using iMessage.

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How to quickly send photo and video selfies in iOS 8

iOS 8 has made it easier than ever to send both photo and video selfies with the help of the Messages app. Literally, a swish and a flick and your message is on its way to the recipient!

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How to use iMessage: The ultimate guide

iMessage is the name of Apple's proprietary instant messaging (IM) service that lets you send and receive free text, photo, video, and audio messages from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Not only does iMessage let you send free simple messaging service (SMS)-style and multimedia messaging service (MMS)-style messages, but also create and manage group messages, share location instantly, temporarily, or persistently, and more. Here's everything you need to know about iMessage!

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How to quickly leave group messages in iMessage for iOS 8

Ever been looped into what seems to be a never-ending group message with friends or family? All of us have been there and have desperately wished there was a way to stop the notification madness, especially when nothing being said even pertains to you. Luckily, iOS 8 lets you quickly and easily leave a group iMessage altogether.

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How to quickly mute message threads with iOS 8

Ever been stuck in a group message where the notifications just never seem to stop? We've all been there and wished that there was a way we could quiet them without having to silence everything else. Now thanks to iOS 8 you can mute message threads, group or individual, without bringing your other notifications to a grinding halt!

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How to quickly delete images in Messages on iPhone and iPad

Need to remove a whole bunch of images from the same chat in Messages? It's fast and simple!

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How to quickly reply to a Message using interactive notifications on iPhone and iPad

When a message pops up on your iPhone you can reply quickly through the interactive notification bar to save time.

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How to edit expiration settings for audio messages in iOS 8

Audio messages, introduced in iOS 8, allow you to send short voice clips via iMessage. They're incredibly easy to use and receive which should make them a popular option when folks are unable to text. However, they can take up far more storage space than regular text-based messages. That's why you're able to edit automatic expiration settings for audio messages to suit your needs.

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