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Apple once again tells developers iOS 6 has a 93% adoption rate, dares them to compare to Android

Apple has updated part of its developer website to highlight that the vast majority, 93%, of iOS customers are using iOS 6 or higher. iOS 5 is still in use by just 6% of customers, while 1% use iOS 4 or below.

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Apple's magic developer numbers: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion

We've all heard huge numbers thrown around as measures of iPhone and iPad App Store success -- over 200,000 apps and 5 billion downloads being some of the most recent and most impressive. There's a couple of other numbers that are even more interesting when it comes to iPhone and iPad development: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion.

Roughly 100 million iOS devices have been sold to data and they are all broadly software compatible. There's some fragmentation to be sure -- older devices are slower, there's no cameras (yet) on the iPod touch and iPad, no GPS in iPod touch, iPad Wi-Fi, and the iPhone 2G. Apple mitigates this somewhat by offering services such as CoreLocation where, if no GPS is found, it gracefully degrades down to cell tower triangulation or Wi-Fi router mapping. Even the iPad with its odd-device-out 1024x768 display will frame iPhone apps or pixel double them, which is awkward but still workable, still compatible. When iPhone 4 ships, it will be precisely double the vertical and horizontal pixel count of previous generations, meaning older apps will simply look the same as they did before (using 4 pixels in the space they used to use 1).

Likewise, most iOS devices tend to get updated to the latest version of the OS, or at least fairly recent versions. While iOS 4 will drop compatibility for iPhone 2G and iPod touch G1, it will also be free for all other devices for the first time, ensuring iPod touch G2 and G3 owners are more likely to update.

Everything isn't perfect, but for a vast majority of apps it doesn't need to be. They just work.

The sheer size of that install base is stunning. Code an app once and deploy it to a theoretical 100 million devices -- and growing -- all with a drop-dead-easy to use icon on the home screen to help them get your apps?

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UPDATED: Over 75 Million! Could Apple's iPhone/iPod touch Platform be Nearing 70 Million? TiPb Calculates!

UPDATE: During the iPad launch event, Steve Job said Apple has sold over 75 million iPhone and iPod touch devices. Boom.

ORIGINAL: Could Apple's iPhone have moved over 40 million units, and the iPod touch almost 30 million yet, for a combined platform total hurtling towards 70 million?

We don't know, but we're opening the iPhone calculator app in an effort to find out.

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