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Whether you just got a brand new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, or an older version of Apple's popular phone, there are a few steps you have to take to get set up and start using your iPhone. In this iPhone beginner's guide, we take you through the process starting with "Hello," and have user guides for some of Apple's built-in apps, like Messages, FaceTime, Mail, and more. Plus, find out how to get apps, games, movies, music, and more right on your iPhone. This guide exists to make setting up your new iPhone as straightforward as possible, so you can make your iPhone the best iPhone it can be.

If this is your first Apple device, congratulation and welcome to the family. Here's everything you need to know to get set up and start using your new iPhone.

iPhone Beginner's Guide: How to set up your new iPhone

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Right out of the box, your brand new iPhone is ready for you to set up. You'll be greeted with a friendly "Hello." From there, you'll be able to set up your iPhone as brand new or transfer your data from another phone, even an Android or Windows phone. Don't worry; we'll walk you through everything.

How to set up mail, contacts, and calendar on your new iPhone

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Whether you're using Apple's domain email or a third-party email service like Gmail or Outlook, you can integrate your account with your iPhone and bake it right into everything you use it for. The same goes for importing your contacts and calendars from other services.

iPhone Beginner's Guide: Familiarize yourself with the basics

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Once your iPhone is set up, you're going to want to play around with all of its features. We've got some guides to help you through some of the most commonly used features on your new iPhone.

iPhone Beginner's Guide: The built-in Apple apps you're definitely going to want to use

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Apple has a handful of built-in apps that are integral to using your iPhone, like Apple's iMessage instant messaging app, the video chat app, FaceTime, the Calendar app, and a few more. We're going to list the most important and useful ones right here, but you can search through our vast collection of ultimate guides for more.

iPhone Beginner's Guide: Apps, games, movies, and books are waiting for you

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Your iPhone is a solid and useful piece of hardware, right out of the box, but the real fun comes with the Apple ecosystem, which includes music, movies, eBooks, apps, and games. It's like having the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but even better because you can use it for entertainment, too!

iPhone Beginner's Guide: Need a case?

Getting the most out of your iPhone includes more than just learning about how it works on the inside. It's also about the best way to protect and show off your style on the outside. If you're looking for a new case or screen protector for your iPhone, we've got our picks for the best!

iPhone Beginner's Guide: Need more help with your new iPhone?

There's a lot to uncover with your new iPhone. Half the fun is finding it on your own. The other half is getting help from someone that knows the tips, tricks, and hidden secrets of the iPhone. Bookmark our Help and How-to page and check back often. You can also ask for help in our iMore forums. Our readers are the best around and love to help new iPhone owners.

Updated December 2020: Update for iPhone 12 models.

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