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Ios 5 Wants

I don't want an iPod nano camera -- I want an iPod nano smart watch

There are some alleged 7th-generation iPod nano prototypes floating around the internet that show it just might be getting a camera this fall, something the 5th generation had but the current iPod nano lacks. Aside from Apple having to modify the clip so as not to interfere with the camera, is this really something we want?

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iOS 5 wants: Game sync via Game Center

I'm playing Infinity Blade on my iPhone 4 but if I switch to my iPad I have to start the game over, fresh, as if I'd never played before -- it makes me hope Game Center in iOS 5 will sync my game state between devices so I can just pick up any of them and keep playing from where I was. Not just for Infinity Blade but for Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD and tons of other games. All of them, actually.

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iOS 5 wants:

iOS 5 wants: App Store trials, upgrades, and subscriptions

While Apple's iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad has improved in countless ways since its introduction in 2008 -- including the recent reversal of the cross-compiler ban and the publication of the app review guidelines -- several major problems persist for both develops and users, especially the lack of trial apps, paid upgrades, and subscriptions. While the mobile app ecosystem is the new frontier and arguments can be made about how closely guarded it needs to be, Apple is about to bring the App Store concept "Back to the Mac". That's an environment where developers and users are not only accustomed to, but expect features like trials and upgrades.

So while we're all still waiting on iOS 4.2, I'm going to leap ahead a little and start thinking about what I want in iOS 5. There's lots to cover, notifications, glance-able data, profiles, NFC, etc. Right now, I'm going to focus on the App Store, and whether Apple takes the opportunity to bring some of the Mac back to the iPhone and iPad.

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