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Daily tip: How to enable iOS4 features on a iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G with WhiteD00r [Jailbreak]

Still have a working original iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G (or an iPod touch 1 or 2) and wondering how to get iOS4 features like Multitasking, Folders or Tethering? If you're willing to Jailbreak with WhiteD00r, you can enable most of these new features with a simple install. We'll show you how after the break!

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iOS 4.2 Beta 1 for iPad, iPhone now Available!

It's a miracle! Developers, the new iOS 4.2">iOS 4.2 beta 1 is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. We have been skeptical in the past as to when Apple would release iOS 4.2, but now we have a clear road map leading up to a November release. Of course, we could cross our fingers and get it early November... Apple... please?

Here is a quick summary of some of the changes:

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iOS4 Apps Updated: Readdle, WeeMee Avatar Creator, Wolfram Alpha, Trism, Reel Director

And the iOS4 app updates just keep on coming. We're finding more and more by the day. Whether it's adding support for the iPhone 4's awesome retina display or taking advantage of new APIs within iOS4, we're still watching for them. Here's the ones we found this time around, and as always, if you see any we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Guide to Jailbreaking iPhone 4 and iPad

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 4.x and iPad on iOS 3.2.x with

Jailbreakers can rejoice again as not only has the iOS4 jailbreak been updated, iPhone 4 users can now jailbreak as well! iPad users are also included, whether you're running 3.2 or 3.2.1, the jailbreak should work for you either way. If you haven't done so already, here's a list of things to do before and after jailbreaking!

And before you proceed, here's the normal disclaimer;

Jailbreaking can and will void the warranty on your device. Should something go wrong, the responsibility is your own, so proceed with caution. If you feel uncomfortable jailbreaking your device, it's probably best if you don't. But if you're okay with all that, read on!

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iOS4 Updated Apps: Osfoora, Agendus, Reeder, AT&T MyWireless, Pano,

As you all know by now, we're still watching for iOS4 updates that crop up in the app store, and as always, if you guys see interesting ones, feel free to let us know.  Here's the ones we found in the last week or so, and if you haven't checked for updates, go check that update tab and let us know if you caught something we didn't!

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iPhone 4 vs Android Captivate

An iPhone 4 user's experience with the Android 2.1 powered Samsung Captivate on AT&T

I’ll preface this by saying before this review, I’ve hardly laid hands on an Android device, let alone considered throwing my iPhone aside to completely delve into the OS and see if I could actually survive without my iPhone.  In my time with an Android device, the short answer would be that Android would be a perfectly passable everyday phone.  But would I make the switch and ditch my iPhone 4? Hit the jump to find out as well as see tons of videos and a gallery chock full of comparison pics!

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iOS 4 App Updates: Foursquare, Pulse News Mini, Paypal, iTranslate, eBay Mobile

We're still keeping our eye out for great iOS 4 apps that take advantage of the new APIs and features available to developers under iOS4. We've found a couple more good ones to share with you guys, and as always, if you see any good ones, drop 'em in the comments so we can check them out too!

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iOS4 apps:, WebMD, SimplyTweet, Mapquest, Audible

It's been a while since our last iOS 4 compatible apps roundup so we figured it was time for another.  I've seen quite a few updates come through in the past week or so but here's the ones that caught my eye the most.  And as always, if you see any you think are above the curve, let us know in the comments!

Keep reading to see what's been added this time!

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iPhone 4 Jailbreak and Unlock becomes real just as Geohot leaves the Jailbreak scene

Twitter lit up this morning with signs that an iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock is definitely on it's way.  On the other side of things, original iPhone Jailbreaker, GeoHot (George Hotz) has apparently deleted his Twitter account and made his blog private. What's going on? Keep reading.

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