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iOS 4 updated Apps: Twittelator Pro, GoodReader, Echofon, Reeder, Apple Store Mobile App

We're still lurking the App Store for signs of apps that have added iOS 4 support and we've found some more good ones. Some apps are only adding compatibility while some really take advantage of the new APIs Apple is offering to developers. Adding compatibility isn't the same as adding new APIs and features to increase not only user experience, but productivity and ease of use.

Read on to see what ones intrigued us this time.

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How to jailbreak iOS 4

The dev team recently released a new PwnageTool that will allow you to jailbreak iOS4 on your iPhone or iPod touch. Since we covered that, the dev team has upgraded the PwnageTool to 4.0.1.  This is our walkthrough of  how to jailbreak devices running iOS4. As always here's our disclaimer;

If you are in any way, shape, or form hesitant to jailbreak your device, don't!  We take no responsibility for whatever damage you may do to your device during or after the process.  Jailbreaking should typically be reserved for semi-advanced to advanced users.  Preliminary jailbreaks can sometimes cause more problems.  This jailbreak is NOT as simple as a button click like blackra1n or Spirit.  If that's what you'd prefer, wait for that... pass on this one."

If you're alright with all of that, hit the jump to see if your device can currently be jailbroken/unlocked and how to do it.

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Updated for iOS 4: Bejeweled 2, Instapaper, iTeleport, Articles, Twitterrific, and Apple's Awesome iOS 4 apps

We've been covering some of the new and notable iOS 4 updates as we find them going live in the App Store, but Apple's new Awesome iOS 4 Apps section in the iTunes App Store has just made that task a little easier.

Check them out to see Apple's favorites, and hit the jump to see some more of ours...

[iTunes via TechCrunch]

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iPhone 4 Jailbreak - when will it come and does it still matter?

With iOS 4 and iPhone 4 Apple has again closed the functionality gap, but is it enough to retire Jailbreak once and for all?

iPhone 4 and iOS4 brings with it many welcome additions that some users have obtained via jailbreak for years now. While iOS 4 Jailbreak is no possible for some older devices, it will likely be a while before it's possible on iPhone 4. Geohot has claimed he has an exploit and no doubt the iPhone Dev Team is also hard at work. For most of us, we'll just have to wait patiently for them to announced something.

But the question on some people's minds is, "so I still have a need to jailbreak?" Well, to be quite honest - it's really going to be unique to each user. For myself, I know I'll continue to jailbreak until Apple gives me the complete functionality iPhone users should natively have.

Apple has always been known to have a streamline interface and a clean UI. But to be honest, that isn't what "all" users want. Some want to customize and tweak. I'm one of them. Hit the jump to see some of my own opinions on why I'll most likely still continue to jailbreak.

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iOS4 updated: Twitter, Real Racing, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Trapster, TomTom, Slacker Personal Radio

We’ve been keeping our eye out as more iOS4 app updates keep hitting the App Store filled with multitasking, state saving, Retina Display-ing goodness. So pull out your iPhone or get on iTunes and check for updates. Here are some more we’ve seen roll out since our last post.

Hit the jump to see what new ones we've found!

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Jailbreak How-To: Back Up Apps in Rock and Cydia

In lieu of iOS4 and iPhone 4 next week, we know a lot of you will be upgrading to either a new OS or new hardware altogether.  Those of you that jailbreak may find backing up your jailbroken apps a lot easier than reinstalling everything once you re-jailbreak.  Now keep in mind, I wouldn't suggest upgrading if you're unlocked as unlocks are never a sure thing until they're released.  But if you're just jailbreaking, we're already aware of a working jailbreak that's ready for iOS4.  Given nothing changes, this should ease your transition.

Before we proceed, one more warning; as with any OS upgrade on iDevices, not all apps will be compatible immediately.  We saw this with 3.0 with things such as custom keyboards not working.  This may very well be the case again, so if you have jailbreak apps you just can't live without, make SURE they'll be compatible with iOS4 before you upgrade. Now hit the jump for Cydia and Rock back-up walkthroughs!

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iOS4 Jailbreak and unlock now live (with caveats)

iOS 4 Jailbreak and unlock has been released by the iPhone Dev-Team -- but read this before upgrading!

Alright kiddies, you've been asking for it, so here it is.  The Dev Team has officially announced their jailbreak and unlock for iOS4.

There's a few caveats though, you must:

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iOS 4 updated: Evernote, LinkedIn, Windows Messenger, Pandora, Loopt, WordPress

We let you know a couple days ago there were a few apps that had already been updated via the App Store to support iOS4. Since then we’ve seen a few more roll out.  Some developers have really taken advantage of the new APIs in iOS4.  Others seem to just be adding compatibility at this point.  Let’s hope a lot of them are working on substantial updates.  Hit the jump for some more iOS4 compatible apps!

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