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SwitcherLyrics adds music lyrics to the Fast App Switcher [Jailbreak]

SwitcherLyrics is a new jailbreak mod in Cydia that offers the ability to view lyrics for any most tracks stored in your iPod music library.

With SwitchLyrics you can have your song's lyrics and information right in your Multitasking bar. You just have to double tap the Home button to make it work. SwitcherLyrics takes the song's lyrics from the iPod.app library. If iPod.app doesn't have any lyrics, SwitcherLyrics will search it on the web automatically.

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iPhone 3.1 Bugs: Podcasts Unsorted

Instead of the iPhone's built-in iPod app sorting podcasts chronologically up or down (newest to oldest, or oldest to newest), iPhone 3.1 users are seeing... no logical sequence that can be made sense of. Indeed, some of you let us know because the lack of order made you think your podcasts weren't updating at all. Rest

So, just to be clear: We're out of order? Apple's out of order! All these [redacted] podcasts are out of order!

If you're having the same random podcast listings -- or better yet, if you've come up with a solution or work around that's better than just hunting for the blue "new" dot -- let us know in the comments.

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iPhone 3.0: New Podcast Controls in iPod! Jump Back! Multi-Speed Scrubbing!

In iPhone OS 2.x, we bemoaned the seemingly useless nature of the repeat and buttons when it came to podcast playback. They just sort of hung around, like guests who were welcome when the music was playing, but just wouldn't leave when the party was over.

Now, in iPhone 3.0, Apple has replaced them with an email icon on the left hand side, and a speed counter on the right hand side. The email icon supposedly allows you to send an iTunes Link for the podcast (similar to how you could previously email YouTube video links).

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