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Apple named best brand and best design studio by D&AD, flies complete design team to England to receive awards

Apple has been awarded the best brand and best design studio award at the D&AD (British Design & Art Direction) awards which were held in London, England. The D&AD awards are held every year and are recognised throughout the world as they set a standard for creative excellence. Apple obvioulsy agreed with the importance of the occasion as it flew its complete design team to the awards ceremony. All sixteen members involved including Sir Jonathan Ive were present and went up to collect the best design studio award together.

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Sir Jonathan Ive wins British Visionary Innovator award for 2012

Sir Jonathan Ive has won the British Visionary Innovator 2012 award organised by the Intellectual Property Office. The award comes after the competition was open for seven days and allowed the public to vote for their most innovative person of 2012.

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Jonathan Ive considering a move back to UK?

UK news paper, The Sunday Times is reporting that Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, wants to return to the UK to live! Ive is the principal designer of the iMac, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Ive supposedly wishes to commute to Cupertino from his home, which is based in Somerset, England, and the Apple board is not exactly thrilled by the idea. A friend of Ive’s family has allegedly confirmed the dispute and told The Sunday Times:

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Hidden "Matrix Code" on the iPhone

Got a video camera with a nightvision (infrared) setting? Grab your iPhone and take a look at the left-rear of the phone, as fskj85 of Austrialian Whirlpool did, and you'll see the snazzy "Data Matrix Code" underneath the body of the device. Wazzat, you ask? It's essentially a two-dimensional bar code (many Nokia phones are able to photograph these to get links to downloads, for example). Apparently the plastic in that section is transparent to infrared light, allowing you to see the matrix underneath. That's some secret-agent-design right there, folks, somebody nominate Jonathan Ives as the next James Bond.

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iPhone Wins -- Again! Ive Takes Home MDA Design Award

At the rate Apple's Vice President of Design keeps winning awards for the iPhone, he's going to need a bigger mantle! Last time it was the unprecedented (and continued!) domination of the uber-elite Black Pencil, now it's the Mobile Data Association 2008 MDA Personal Achievement Award.

Said the judges of Ive's iPhone design:

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Interview with iPhone Designer Jonathan Ive

If Steve Jobs is the patron behind the concept of the iPhone, then Jonathan Ive is certainly the artist whose hand crafted its ultimate realization.

Apple's reclusive Vice President of Design recently spoke with the Independant's Claire Beale on the nature of design, winning an unprecedented six (6!) Black Pencil awards, and what drives Apple's success:

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iPhone Wins D&AD "Black Pencil" Design Award

The D&AD Black Pencil, an award so prestigious they would rather not give it away at all than give it to just any flashy objet-de-ans, is now joining what must be a mantle-straining load down at Apple Design VP Jonathan Ive's house.

Steve Jobs, Ive, and their iPhone, which has already been cleaning up on the award circuit, secured the creative industry's top prize, with a second award being given to the latest aluminum iMac as well.

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Former Exec Rubenstein Wanted a Physical Keyboard on the iPhone

Sramana Mitra has an interesting post up comparing Apple to Palm. Actually, she's been on a tear lately when it comes to Palm and how they've dropped the corporate management ball. She scored a comprehensive interview with former Palm Executive Eric Benhamou, which reads very nicely but is also a clear example of how the problems Palm has now are the direct result of their earlier problems. Basically they followed the exact opposite trajectory that Apple did in nearly the same time period (basically).

Anyway, back to the intersection of the two companies. Mitra writes:

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