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Gears of War for Apple products? Forget about it, thanks to Microsoft

If you had ever hoped to see Gears of War show up for your Mac or iPad, it's pretty safe to assume it's never going to happen. On Monday Microsoft Studios confirmed it had acquired the rights to the game from Epic Games, according to GamesIndustry International.

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How Windows 8 compromised Microsoft, perhaps terminally

For a long time people with iPhones and iPads predominantly used Windows. In previous years the vast majority of people who read iMore read it using Windows. That's been changing. Right now, the number of people who read us on iOS is exploding, and Windows, shrinking. Right now, the number of people using iPads for things they used to use Windows for is increasing. Part of the reason for that is certainly the success Apple has had with their devices over the last few years. The other part is Windows 8. While some might imagine I'm biased, here's Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows:

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Microsoft launches social network Socl on the iPhone, and it isn't very good

You'd be forgiven for never having heard of this one before, but turns out Microsoft has its own social network of sorts and has now launched an app for the iPhone. Known as Socl – and pronounced social – today sees a simultaneous mobile launch of the first mobile apps for the network on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. And, it kinda sucks. A lot.

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Microsoft's SkyDrive goes iOS 7, gets camera backup and more

Another big name app has gone through the iOS 7 makeover today with Microsoft pushing out version 4.0 of its cloud service app SkyDrive. The most obvious thing that hits you is the new look interface that screams iOS 7, but it also makes full use of the new background sync capabilities with the new automatic camera upload feature.

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Microsoft launches Xbox One Smartglass for iOS ahead of launch day

If you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of a shiny new Xbox One on November 22, you'll no doubt be wanting the all new Smartglass app for your iPhone or iPad. Released today, Smartglass for Xbox One is a completely new and separate application to the existing Xbox 360 app.

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Microsoft updates Bing for iPhone, adds the iOS 7 razzle dazzle

Bing may not be the first app you think to install on your iPhone, but anyone who does use it is in for a treat with the latest update. Microsoft has pushed an iOS 7 styled redesign for their search platform out into the App Store, that also combines the company's new yellow flavored Bing branding and styling.

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If you're using Windows 8.1, here are some great apps for your iPhone and iPad!

If Windows 8.1 is your desktop OS of choice – it's OK, we understand – you may or may not be aware that Microsoft has a pretty decent selection of cross-over apps to use on your iPhone and iPad. Truth is, it's never been a better time to be both a Windows and an iOS user. The popularity of the iPhone and the iPad makes both impossible to ignore, so if you want to get your Windows on, here are the iOS apps you'll need.

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Microsoft debuts Remote Desktop for iOS alongside Windows 8.1 launch

Alongside todays launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has debuted its previously announced Remote Desktop apps for both iOS and Android. Perhaps late to the party, Microsoft's free app is designed to get you onto your PC from wherever you are.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop app seemingly bound for iOS

It seems the ever more widespread Microsoft is set to launch its very own Remote Desktop application for Android and iOS. This is in addition to versions for Windows, Windows RT and OS X, and was very casually slipped into a press release, as reported by All About Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley:

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Vector 14: Chris Umiastowski on sell-side analysis

Chris Umiastowski, former sell-side analyst, talks to Rene about the state of the mobile market, including what led BlackBerry to the brink of sale.

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