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Xbox SmartGlass now available for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft's companion app for the Xbox 360 is now live for iOS, allowing users to remotely control the gaming console, view related content, type out messages, and otherwise complement everything you'd normally just do with the hardware controller.

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iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10: Spec shoot out

In addition to the new Nexus 4 smartphone, which we've already put up against the iPhone 5, Google and Samsung have announced the brand new Nexus 10 big boy tablet now as well. So experience vs. ecosystem, integrated vs. licenses, yadda vs. yadda, we're stacking that up against Apple's just-announced iPad 4 to get a sense of where exactly the different platforms are going, and what they're needing, hardware-wise.

And, of course, we brought the Microsoft Surface and BlackBerry Playbook along for the ride.

Check the specs up top, then hit the link below for our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central's, complete Nexus 10 coverage.

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Upgrading to Windows 8? Here's what you need to know about iTunes!

Windows 8 hit physical and electronic store shelves this morning, and Mobile Nations' own WPCentral was up early grabbing Surfaces and giving everything a look. For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, however, you can also now get your hands on Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system. If you are a Windows user, like most of us, you can download Windows 8 Pro and install it straight onto your PC as an upgrade to an existing Windows installation or set up your computer as a new PC and wipe it clean.

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When it comes to ecosystem, Apple proves size does matter

I've argued for a while that iTunes was the tip of Apple's sword. Being able to take payments and sell content in more countries than anyone else let them push the App Store farther, faster than any of their competition. Now, years later, no one else is even coming close, and when viewed as an ecosystem play, there still isn't any viable competition. To make matters worse, Apple's model allows them to sell the iPad (and soon, the iPad mini in 90+ countries. And, because they make their money off hardware, they can even sell it where there's still no or limited iTunes support. That lets them seed the market so hardware is in hand when iTunes eventually, and inevitably follows.

By contrast, Amazon's content appliance strategy with its heavily discounted hardware doesn't allow them to sell the Kindle Fire line in any country without an Amazon content store to subsidize it. They literally can't afford to. That means no seeding, and since Amazon has been nowhere nearly as successful as Apple in pushing their content store internationally, very limited distribution.

Here's why that matters...

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Microsoft announces Xbox Music iTunes competitor, coming to PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices

Microsoft has launched a new music service which it hopes will offer significant competition to Apple’s hugely successful iTunes service. The new Microsoft music offering will be called Xbox Music and will debut on its own Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices initially but will also be rolled out for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a well as certain Android devices too; very soon afterwards.

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Microsoft Office once again reportedly on its way to iOS

Microsoft Office may finally be making its way to iOS. Yes. Again. This time the rumors come courtesy of a press release from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team, as well as Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek.

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Microsoft might be making their own iPhone competitor. Again.

Despite Steve Jobs teasing Bill Gates about the benefits of software lovers wanting to make their own hardware, and Gates rage-laughingly retorting with PC market share numbers, Microsoft has often flirted with the integrated device model. From Xbox to Zune, Kin to Surface, they've done their fair share of melding atoms to bits. And according to Daniel Rubino over at WPCentral they may be ready to do it with phones. Again.

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Microsoft unveils new logo, signals the future by clinging even more tightly to the past

Microsoft's new corporate logo has updated their corporate logo for the first time in 25 years and... it looks more like a Windows logo than a Microsoft logo. As a Windows logo, it would be brilliant. Clean, square, solid, and Microsoft's new logotype, Segoe, is really nice. It's so nice, it could easily stand alone without the Windows logo next to it. And they really should have let it.

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Microsoft goes gunning for Gmail with web-based email service

Microsoft has announced, a free, web-based email service that clearly has its sites set on Google's hugely popular Gmail service. Of course, Microsoft already has Hotmail, who's very name meant HTML mail (HoTMail), and, but they've never been shy about multiple, seemingly redundant offerings. But this seems different. Rather than doubling up, seems to be a new layer -- a way to offer something new without forcing old users to just take it. According to the Office blog:

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Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just announced the all new Microsoft Surface, a Windows 8 tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. Microsoft's original Surface was a "big ass table" that mainly gained traction as a product placement on TV shows. This ain't that.

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