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Apps & Accessories Live 01: Video editors, Launch Center, and glowing Apple logos

Georgia, Seth, and Rene talk about copy-cat apps, iMovie vs. Avid, Launch Center, Jailbreak apps for iOS 5, as well as cases with stands, iPhone guns, and glowing Apple logo mods. This is Apps & Accessories Live!

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Add launch preferences to with StartDial for iPhone [jailbreak]

Have a jailbroken iPhone and with you could better control how your actual phone application behaves? StartDial, available in Cydia now, will allow you to alter what tabs your phone application will open and when.

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iFixit iPhone transparent rear panel mod kit review

"iFixit's iPhone transparent rear panel mod let's you give your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S an amazingly distinctive look in a world where tens of millions of them are otherwise all but indistinguishable."

I ordered iFixit's transparent rear panel mod kit + bonus iPhone liberation kit during their Black Friday sale last year because I absolutely adore Ally's weekly iPhone mod columns and I've been dying to try it out for myself. Though the glowing Apple logo mod is my holy grail, this clear back-panel looked great and seemed like an easier mod to start with.

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iPatch brings glowing Apple logo to iPhone! [Mod]

Ohellsyeah! iPatch, an iPhone repair company in the UK, has released a super sweet mod that brings a glowing Apple log to your iPhone. Yes, you ready that right. Glowing. Apple. Logo.

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Put SBSettings toggles in the iPhone app switcher with SBSwitcher [Jailbreak]

SBSwitcher is a new mod in the Cydia Store that allows you to relocate all SBSettings toggles to the iOS 4 app switcher dock. Just scroll to the left to reveal all your toggles! The tweak is very useful, especially when you're in system apps (like Cydia) that don't allow you to use SBSettings from the status bar. Additional features include the ability to call up the app switcher from the lockscreen, letting you manipulate toggles or get into a running app without even unlocking your iPhone!

One small caveat is that you don't have the ability to respring from the app switcher without going into SBSettings from the status bar. An easy way to side-step this is by setting Activator to respring by using one of the available options, making it easier to respring on command without the need of getting into SBSettings whatsoever.

SBSwitcher is available in the Cydia Store for $2.99. Unfortunately for now, the mod doesn't work with the iPad. Check out the full feature list and screenshots after the break, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Hands-on: White iPhone 4 conversion from iFixDirect

iFixDirect is an iPhone repair company based out of New York and one of their services is an aftermarket white iPhone 4 conversion. Included in the swap is replacement of the front glass, back cover, home button, LCD screen, and flash diffuser. Additionally, they boast of being the only company that replaces the speaker mesh to ensure nothing can get trapped inside and damage your phone. The conversion takes less than 24 hours and it is shipped back overnight.

When Steve Jobs first announced the white iPhone 4, I was in love and couldn't wait for one to be in my iPhone-loving hands. But my heart was soon crushed when it was delayed at launch. This wound got increasingly worse as the white iPhone 4 was delayed further and further. It wasn't long before the white iPhone 4 became nothing but a mystical device to me - until now. My black iPhone 4 has been converted to white with iFixDirect.

How is it? Photos and hands-on impressions after the break!

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Add a metal back to your iPhone 4

The good folks over at Nationwide Network Cellular (Hong Kong) have a brand new metal backing that replaces the standard black glass that comes on iPhone 4. If you tired of having to slap a case on hiding your brand new iPhone 4, if you tired of having to be extra careful when you put your iPhone 4 down, then they might just have your cure for a mere $12.99.

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iPad mounted in kitchen cabinet = totally awesome

Take a look at this amazing set up -- an IPad installed into a kitchen cabinet. The fully visible front panel lets you surf the web, find your favourite recipes and listen to music (though not all at the same time). It is a great idea and would make time spent in the kitchen so much more fun.

The iPad is firmly held in place by a wooden 2x4 and can be removed by unplugging it and lifting upwards. (So you are still able to sync to your computer and charge it at a secondary location.)

You could of course just place your iPad on a counter or on a stand somewhere but this is so much cooler. It almost makes me want to pick up a new cabinet door, grab a jigsaw and dremel sander and do it in my own kitchen. How about you?

Video after the break!

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Shiny Apple Logo Mod + Is the iPhone a Blade Runner Replicant?!

We know Apple VP of Design, Jonathan Ive loves him some Braun, but who knew he also drew inspiration from Ford? Harrison Ford, that is. Norwegian site Design4Dough spotted the 1982-era Blade Runner iPhone, wall-mount edition:

The likeness is exceptional. The metallic outline, the pictogram-matrix-touchscreen, the black chassie and the designated home-button area at the bottom.

Next up: Take our chrome, it's too bland; modify our Apple brand. We don't care, it's shiny; Russian mod for iPhone 2G! (With apologies to Joss Whedon and our readers!) Says iPhone Alley:

The device was the handywork of the people at The mod involves simply removing the chrome logo and replacing it with a glowy one. This video was created of one of a modded device in action.

(Thanks to "replicant browncoat" for the tips!)

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TiAIN Coating? $299. Turning Your iPhone to Dark Side? Priceless.

iPhone Custom is now offering to coat your iPhone in high quality TiAIN for $299.

And while $299 might sound expensive (same price as a brand new iPod Touch 8GB!), the end result looks impressive enough to tempt higher-end customers and early adapters, longing for a return of the jealous stares they got when flashing their iPhone on Day One.

Purchasing is simple: just eject your SIM, place your iPhone in a pre-labelled shipper, and send it off to iPhone Custom for your choice of black or gold glossy logo and bezel.

The process is also available for iPod Touch and 3G iPod Nano.

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