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Network Problems

AT&T Releases "Mark the Spot" iPhone App for Network Quality Feedback

AT&T has released a new iPhone app called AT&T Mark the Spot [Free - iTunes link] intended to allow customers to send in real-time, location-specific feedback about dropped calls, coverage gaps, or other network problems, have occurred.

AT&T is committed to providing its customers with the best network experience possible.

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Apple Genius: AT&T Dropped Call Rate for NYC is 30%

According to a Gizmodo reader who took his iPhone to the Apple Store Genius Bar due to issues with dropped calls, a 30% failure rate in New York City is normal.

Now, we all know AT&T's network crumbles beneath the weight of the iPhone (and suspect any other single network might as well), but it's not often we get numbers to go with it.

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AT&T MMS Network Outage Already?

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Boy Genius is reporting that AT&T MMS seems to be down for some users in some states, and what's more:

a quick call to AT&T’s customer care line revealed that there is a known latency issue with MMS in all states with no estimated time of repair.

So how about it? Are you experiencing any delays in sending or receiving MMS? Any outages? Either way, let us know where you are, and how long you've been having the problem.

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AT&T iPhone MMS and Tethering Delayed Due to Bandwidth Concerns?

Has AT&T been delaying the US launch of iPhone 3.0's MMS and tethering services due to concerns about their network being able to handle it? Um, yeah, that would have been our guess... The New York Times, however, states it as fact:

[AT&T] has also delayed bandwidth-heavy features like multimedia messaging, or text messages containing pictures, audio or video. It is also postponing “tethering,” which allows the iPhone to share its Internet connection with a computer, a standard feature on many rival smartphones. AT&T says it has no intention of capping how much data iPhone owners use.

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Poll: Could Verizon Handle the iPhone?

Techcrunch asks the impertinent question: can AT&T handle the iPhone. The pertinent answer thus far is: no. The iPhone is a consumer success the likes of which no smartphone has experienced before. There are more users using more features that consumer more bandwidth that likely even Apple or AT&T ever estimated, and it's put an extreme hurt not only on existing infrastructure, but a hurt that's growing faster than infrastructure expansion can handle.

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iPhone SMASH Puny AT&T Network at SXSW in Austin, TX

What's causing all the commotion down in Austin, Texas right now? Turns out it's not only iPhone news at South by Southwest 2009 (SXSW), but it's everyone using iPhone 3Gs as well! It's SMASHING AT&T's network.

We've joked before that AT&T had basically gone out and strapped rabbit ears on their EDGE antennas and called it 3G, well if that's the case, they're rapidly strapping even more ears on round Austin way right now, according to Business Insider:

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Why No iPhone Tethering on AT&T? Too Many iPhones!

Know how some people are complaining that they have trouble connecting to AT&T's 3G network? How they drop calls? How they blame Apple? (Despite the phone working pretty dang well in other countries on other carriers). Remember the theory that there were so many iPhone 3Gs hitting the market that AT&T couldn't handle the load? (That their network was basically rabbit ears tied to old antennas? -- okay, we made that last one up!)

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What's the 3G Problem? Source Close to AT&T Says iPhone Tower Power Drain

Roughly Drafted is claiming a source close to AT&T has spilled the beans on what's really going on with the iPhone and its 3G connection problems, and what 2.0.2 did to fix it.

In a nutshell? An iPhone 3G running 2.0 or 2.0.1 tries to pull too much power from the network, so when multiple iPhones connect, a tower can actually run out of juice and start dropping calls and losing data.

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iPhone 3G Testing Episode 2: Revenge of the Swedes

When the Swedish engineers over at Bluetest revealed that, when measured at their facilities, the iPhone 3G radio performed roughly the same as 3G handsets made by Sony Ericsson and Nokia, some (including a few of TiPb's own, very astute, commenters!) cried foul. Not ones to be dissuaded by a little doubt, however, the Swedes brought in some of the people who complained about 3G reception problems, and put their iPhones to the test.

The results? According to Apple Insider, pretty much the same as before:

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AT&T CTO Talks Network Fixer-Upper Plans

Last week Apple and Infineon were getting all the heat for shoddy 3G performance. Now AT&T is getting its share of the blame with a dizzying array of combinations. First it was Wired's fairly damning survey and the Swedish antenna tests that pointed further fingers at the network, and now Gizmodo head-honcho Brian Lam has had the chance to chat with AT&T CTO John Donovan:

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