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Best answer: Tri-band technology in the Eero Pro makes it capable of speeds up to 1Gbps over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, double that of the dual-band, base-level eero. However, you likely won't reach these speeds. How fast you can go depends on your actual internet plan and signal strength around your home.

Just how fast is the Eero Pro?

The latest Eero Pro model is the fastest router from the mesh networking experts. The Pro can reach up to 1Gbps over Ethernet, as well as wirelessly, which is twice the Wi-Fi speed as the entry-level Eero system, which tops out at 550Mbps.

The reason the Eero Pro is so much faster is because it uses tri-band networking technology, which comes in the form of an additional radio inside. This allows each Eero to communicate directly to one another over its own band, keeping them away from all of your normal Wi-Fi traffic.

Can I add an Eero Pro to my existing non-pro setup?

Yes! All eeros nodes are designed to work together, regardless of how many radios are inside. If you went with the entry-level Eero and want to go pro, you don't have to start over. Simply add a pro unit (or two) and you will be good to go.

What about the Ethernet connection?

Just like with its Wi-Fi capabilities, the Eero Pro can reach up to 1Gbps over a hardwired connection. Ethernet speed however, is the same for both the Pro and standard Eero models, so if you only want high speeds on one device that is plugged in, you can save some money and go with the base Eero system. If you need the highest speeds over Wi-Fi though, you have to go pro.

What if I don't have gigabit internet?

Even though the Eero Pro can support insane speeds of 1Gbps, it only does so if your internet plan can actually deliver it. Adding an Eero Pro will not suddenly make your 100Mbps connection gigabit, but it will help with Wi-Fi connections with its tri-band radio.

Will I get faster speeds with the Eero Secure service?

Nope. The Eero Secure subscription service only gives you access to additional security and parental controls. It may speed up some webpages though, as the service includes ad blocking, but don't expect any massive improvements over what you are already seeing.

Our pick

Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Eero Pro WiFi System

Blazing fast

The Eero Pro WiFi System provides up to 1Gbps of blazing fast internet over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If you have the need for speed, it should definitely be on your radar.

Better together

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Eero Secure+

Additional features

eero's Secure and Secure+ subscription service are the perfect compeiment to the ultra fast speeds that the Pro gives you. Ad blocking helps website loading times, and enhanced security features keep your network locked down.

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