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Network Problems

Wired's 3G Study Blames Carriers for Problems + Swedish Antenna Test Confirms?

Remember the Global iPhone 3G Study Casey posted about a week or so back? Well, the results are in, and Wired's conclusion is interesting to say the least:

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Apple Says 2.0.2 Addresses 3G Problems + Gmail Still Kludgy?

Ed Baig over at USA Today (via Daring Fireball) is reporting that:

Apple (AAPL) acknowledged Tuesday that a software update for the iPhone partly fixes the connection snags that have caused a global firestorm for the new iPhone 3G. Though mum on details, Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock said on Tuesday, "The software update improves communication with 3G networks."


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Can You Connect to 3G Now?

So, this weekend I had a lot of problems connecting to the 3G network. Bars showed full. 3G icon was lit up. But email and web browsing -- any type of network activity really -- either took forever to resolve or timed out completely. Today was even worse. Couldn't get on for most of the day. Zip. Zero. Zilch. And this was AFTER installing yesterday's hot new 2.0.2 firmware (once I got it to download...). So what's going on?

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UPDATED! Steve Speaks: 3G Bug Affects 2%, Firmware Fix Soon

UPDATE: Former Apple employee Chuq Von Rospach has just blogged about a meeting with an unnamed current Apple insider who let slip that:

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Updated: iPhone 3G Connection Issues: Can Apple Software Fix Infineon Hardware Problem?

Update: Daring Fireball points out that: "The 3G networking glitches may well be real, but it’s worth pointing out that Richard Windsor is the same jackass who issued a report a year ago about the supposedly faulty “film” on the iPhone touchscreen, when in fact there was no such film."

So add that to the "grain of salt" heap...

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Are You Having iPhone 3G Connection Problems?

The day after I bought my iPhone 3G I went back to the local Rogers store to see how things were going, and a customer was there complaining that he couldn't get on the 3G network. The customer service rep tried fiddling with his iPhone, but the settings all looked right. Yet there I was, less than 5 feet away, with full, fast 3G speed downloading TiPb's homepage at that very moment. Later that night, I saw some chatter that others thought Rogers was down because they couldn't connect either.

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