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Apple to accept iPhone 5s Hong Kong

The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s go on sale in the United States and numerous other countries on September 20th. While preorders for the iPhone 5c started today, you'll have to go to a store on the 20th to get an iPhone 5s the day they debut. Unless you live in Hong Kong, that is - Apple's retail store site for Hong Kong is allowing customers to reserve a 5s beginning on the 17th, according to MacTrast.

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Which capacity iPhone 5c did you pre-order? [Poll]

Which capacity iPhone 5c did you pre-order?

We've had the comprehensive buyers guides, we've had the pajama party, and now the iPhone 5c is officially available to pre-order in the launch markets around the world. We stayed up late – some of us just got up early! – and sure enough when the clock hit 00:01 PDT – almost – pre-orders started lighting up at carriers all around the globe. And then Apple decided to join in. So, we asked you last night which color you were going for, this morning we're turning to capacity. So, what size did you go for if you pre-ordered an iPhone 5c? We want to know which you went for, and why you went for that size.

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EE now taking iPhone 5c pre-orders in the UK, go get one!

Getting in before Apple – and the other UK carriers – EE is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5c. Both sizes and all colors are available on a range of deals that start at Β£9.99 for the 16GB model on a 24-month contract at Β£46 per month.

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What color iPhone 5c are you pre-ordering? [Poll]

What color iPhone 5c are you pre-ordering?

It's almost go time. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5c are set to begin – on Verizon and Sprint in the U.S. at least – in a few short hours. Some of you might be staying up late to be the first in the queue to pre-order, and that's awesome. We're as excited as everyone else! Actual times seem to be pretty scarce right now, so for many of us there's no clue as to when the pre-orders will go live. Case in point; it's after midnight here in the UK, and no sign so far. It could be a long night! But, if you're pre-ordering, then you've most probably decided which color you're getting, right?

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Verizon and Sprint pre-order times for iPhone 5c out in the wild

When Apple told us the iPhone 5c would go on pre-order on September 13 – that's tomorrow, by the way! – they didn't say what time. Verizon and Sprint aren't leaving anything to chance, and both carriers will be accepting pre-orders from 00:01PDT/03:01EDT.

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iPhone 5 pre-orders go live on T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile iPhone 5 pre-orders have gone live, and the last of major US carriers to not have the iPhone now has it as last. Thanks to T-Mobile's new "uncarrier" plans, you can get a 16GB iPhone 5 for $99, 32GB from $199, or 64 GB for $299, or you can buy them outright for $579.99, $679.99, $779.99. Black or white.

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Initial iPad mini pre-order stock sold out, new orders shipping in 2 weeks

Apple appears to have sold out of their initial iPad mini pre-order stock, with their latest, smallest tablet no longer available with immediate shipping from The iPad mini W-Fii became available for pre-order on Friday, October 26, and while the white version seemed almost immediately supply constrained, the black version seemed in plentiful supply until today.

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Apple announces first day iPhone 5 pre-orders top 2 million

Apple has just announced that pre-orders for the brand new iPhone 5 broke 2 million in the first 24hrs, smashing their previous record for the iPhone 4S last year.

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AT&T announces record pre-orders for iPhone 5

AT&T has put out a rather barebones press release to say that, based on pre-orders, the iPhone 5 is their best selling iPhone ever. Since AT&T was the launch carrier for the original iPhone back in 2007, that includes all versions of the iPhone sold to date.

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iPhone 5 pre-orders LIVE now. Did you get yours?

iPhone 5 pre-orders have begun! Well, sort of. The Apple Online Store isn't working for everyone, some carrier sites are flakier than others, and in general would-be purchasers might be in for a long night.

If fails for you, try the Apple Store app for iPhone. If a carrier website fails... try the Apple Store app for iPhone.

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