How to preorder Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K hero
Apple TV 4K hero (Image credit: Apple)

There's a new sheriff in TV town — and it's Apple TV with 4K capabilities and so, so much more.

Here's how you can easily and effortlessly prep and preorder the Apple TV this September 15th!

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Know when preordering starts

The best way to stay on top of your preordering game is to know exactly when and where pre-orders will take place.

For Apple TV 4K, preorders will start and go live at 12:01 am PT on Friday, September 15th at

Another avenue you can take that's a little less traveled is the Apple Store app:

In general, I recommend the app over the store; as fewer people seem to know of its existence as a pre-order method, it processes orders faster and experiences fewer hang-ups than the online store. (Serenity)

If you're not comfortable making your order online, then you can always physically go and visit the Apple Store to pick up your new Apple TV. You can always visit them during regular hours to take a peek at the Apple TV 4K to make sure it's the right gadget for you!

You'll be able to make same-day reservations for Apple Store appointments, so make sure you visit to make your appointment on Friday. (Serenity)

Check your bank account — and know which storage size you need!

The new Apple TV 4K comes in two sizes — 32GB and 64GB — and you can pick them up for preorder for $179 and $199.

If you're not interested in spending that much on the new 4K Apple TV, you'll be able to buy the current 32GB Apple TV for $149.

Don't forget about that HDMI cable

You'll need an HDMI cable in order to use your Apple TV 4K — just make sure you pick one up that's trusted and works well!

Double-check your Apple account

What's worse than missing the preorder? Being ready to pre-order your Apple TV 4K and then realizing there's an issue with your account.

Go to — or your local version — and log in now just to make sure your account is in good working order. You can even call your credit card company and warn them of the purchase to make sure no flags are raised when you try to check out. (Serenity)

Whoops! I missed the preorder…

First off, we feel your pain, but don't worry too much: Apple TV 4K will officially be available on September 22nd!

If you have any other questions about the Apple TV specifically, you can always check out our Everything you need to know article about the new TV and 4K fun!

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