How to pre-order 'Fire and Fury' for iPhone and iPad

Like many books these days, the Michael Wolff tell-all about the early days of the Trump Administration is available for pre-order. By placing a pre-order on the book through iTunes, you guarantee the book is added to your library the moment it is available to read. For most books, that time is 12:01 AM PT on the day the book is supposed to be published. Because of the legal excitement surrounding this book, that launch day has become a little more fluid than your average iBooks purchase.

The original release date for this book was Jan. 9, but in reaction to recent attempts at stopping the book from being published, it will now be available on Friday, Jan. 5. As of this writing, the iBook store still shows the Jan. 9 release date, but it's expected to go live on Friday. Amazon has it listed for Jan. 5.

See at iBooks

If you want to guarantee you have a copy of this book as soon as it is available, you should probably pre-order it now. Here's how that works!

  1. Head to this link on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap the orange box with the price inside
  3. Tap Pre-Order on the confirmation pop-up
  4. Confirm your pre-order with either your pin, TouchID, or FaceID authentication

The amount you agreed to pay will be sent to Apple once the book is available. That book will now be in your Library in the iBooks app, but you will notice an orange pre-order flag over the right-hand corner of the book. Once the book is available, you'll see that flag disappear and will be able to start reading. Enjoy!

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Russell Holly

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