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Apple deprecating QuickTime for Windows as new flaws are discovered

Security firm Trend Micro has revealed that Apple has deprecated QuickTime for Windows, leaving two new critical vulnerabilities unpatched.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: AV Kit simplifies QuickTime transition

OS gave Apple an opportunity to rethink the way application developers should support and deliver media content on Apple devices. The result of that is a framework called AV Foundation, which debuted on the Mac with OS X 10.7. Now Apple's continuing that effort with new Mavericks technology for developers called AV Kit.

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Daily Tip: How to play music from Amazon's Cloud Player on your iPhone

When Amazon announced their Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music services earlier this week they didn't mention whether or not it would work on the iPhone, or any other iOS device for that matter. While there's no app (yet?) and the full site doesn't seem to want to work on Mobile Safari, playback works just fine on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Apple's built-in Quicktime X Player through Mobile Safari. Just hit the jump to find out how it's done!

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Apple Reviewing 100 New Claims to Add to 10+ Year Old (QuickTime?) Patent

Apple is reviewing 100 new claims they want added on a 10+ year old patents says Peter Hoddie on Twitter.

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Apple Posts "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Keynote Stream

If you just happened to miss today's video of the "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" keynote or just so happen to be having issues downloading the full 850MB podcast feed like I am, jump on over to Apple's site and instantly view it in it's entirety via Quicktime stream.

Sure good to see Steve back...

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Apple Posts "Spotlight on Notebooks" Keynote Streaming Video

While an iTunes Podcast downloadable version will no doubt follow, Apple has just launched their usual Quicktime Streaming Video of the "Spotlight on Notebooks" Keynote.

Go check it out!

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 7 + Quicktime 7.5. iTunes 7.7 to Follow!

A New Version of the iPhone SDK is Now Available. Seventh beta version just posted.

So quoth developer.apple.com/iphone, continuing their breakneck, nigh-unprecedented release pace for the iPhone Software Developer Kit (SDK) and iPhone 2.0 beta firmware.

As always, enterprising developers will likely comb through every string and bit in the new release, looking for new features, and hoping strike gold as they have in the past. I'm still holding my breath for video recording and... cut and paste, but admittedly any new discovery will be welcome.

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NBC Redux: iTunes No, iPhone Yes

Well, NBC is still boycotting iTunes, but in a surprising move, they're back on the iPhone (and iPod Touch). How? Streaming live through the built-in to MobileSafari QuickTime player -- take that, Flash snobs! -- and without advertising!

Silicon Valley Insider has the Hulu-trumping details:

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iTunes 7.5 and Quicktime 7.3 Updates

We mentioned the release of iTunes and Quicktime in our podcast yesterday, but haven't provided any release notes. There's not a lot in terms of content for anyone deciding to update or not. Ambrosia reports that iToner still works -- though the initial update will wipe out iToner ringtones, you can easily sync them over. The iTunes doesn't touch a user's library file, so there shouldn't be any risk of anything. The QuickTime update includes improvements for converting video for the iPhone. Are you excited about this? Yah, me neither.

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