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TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?

Marimba, the default iPhone ringtone, is so 2007 -- so we're curious what you're using today? Have you stuck with the built-in tones or have you gone with something custom? Do you just use one ring tone for everybody or have you personalized your favorite contacts?

If so, do you like songs with lyrics or do you prefer instrumentals? Do you keep things musical or do you sometimes go with soundboard clips for that comedic effect? Video game themes, movie themes, rock, hip hop, special effect sounds, celebrity tag lines, sports jingles?

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Daily Tip: How to set a ringtone

Brand new to iPhone and wondering how to set a ringtone? This is a great way to personalize your iPhone to reflect you, especially if you make your own custom ringtone. To find out how, follow along after the break!

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iTunes Store Ringtone Playlist for iPhone

Apple has selected a bunch of songs that make for popular ringtones and placed them in an easy-to-find section of the iTunes store. I'm getting tired of my old custom alarm ringtone (I only made one) and I think it's time to wake up to something new.

Ringtones: the Playlists

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Ambrosia Software Updates iToner

Ambrosia Software released a new version of iToner that returns ringtone functionality to iPhones running firmware version 1.1.1. Previously, iToner owners were only able to sync their non-Apple-sanctioned ringtones with iPhones that were using one of the 1.0 firmware versions. iToner costs $15 and doesn't involve any hacks to your iPhone.

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Interview with Ambrosia Software CEO