Whether you're in the car and your iPhone is securely fastened to your car mount or you're in the kitchen and your hands are covered in food, Siri is fantastic and helping you make calls while your hands aren't free. By default, when you ask Siri to make a call, it will put through a normal phone call to the number or contact you requested; however, with a couple of extra words you can get Siri to place a call on speakerphone, meaning you don't have to pick up the phone or touch the screen. Here's how you do it!

How to use Siri to make a call on speakerphone

  1. Say Hey, Siri to activate Siri. You can also activate Siri the old-school way with the Home button or the Side button on the iPhone X.
  2. Say something like "Call Meaghan on speakerphone".

As you can see by the screenshots above, it also works by using relationships of contacts if you have set that up.

Want more useful commands for Siri?

Making calls on speakerphone with Siri is just the tip of the iceberg. The virtual assistant is deeply embedded into iOS and can help you do so many different tasks. If you're looking for more tips on how to use Siri to make your life easier, check out the link below!

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