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Role-playing Games

Slingshot Braves pulls back and fires onto iOS

Role-playing games are a dime a dozen on the App Store. How does a new RPG stand out? Slingshot braves from Japanese developer COLOPL does so by using a unique slingshot mechanic. Pull back on your hero, let go, and watch him or her fly into the enemy like a cue ball. Itโ€™s a different and surprisingly fun way to kill monsters on your iPhone or iPad.

Read on to learn about more features like online co-op that make this free to play RPG worth a download.

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Shadowrun Online heads to Steam Early Access next week

Shadowrun Online, the turn-based, isometric massively multiplay online game from Cliffhanger Productions, will soon be available to players on Steam Early Access. The Early Access period serves as a prequel to the first campaign for Shadowrun Online, Lockdown, and will focus on combat mechanics.

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Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition pre-orders available for Mac, PC

Beamdog, Atari and Overhaul Games have announced that preorders are now being accepted for the forthcoming Mac and Windows version of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. The game is coming on November 15, 2013 and costs $24.95.

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North action RPG comes to Macs this month

Feral Interactive announced Thursday its release plans for the Mac version of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an action role playing game set in the world of Middle Earth, a tie-in to the epic movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. It's coming on August 29th.

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Shadowrun Returns ships for Mac and Windows: The legendary RPG makes its triumphant comeback!

Harebrained Studios on Thursday released Shadowrun Returns, a brand new tactical role playing game based on the enormously popular tabletop RPG that later became a popular computer and console game. Shadowrun Returns has been released for OS X and Windows, with iOS and Android versions still in the wings. (Don't worry, Linux neckbeards - you haven't been forgotten about.)

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Deus Ex: The Fall arrives a day early in the App Store

Come and get it! Deus Ex: The Fall is now available for download from the App Store, a day earlier than Square Enix expected it to arrive. Deus Ex: The Fall is the first game in the popular cyberpunk action RPG series to arrive for mobile devices. Announced in June, Deus Ex: The Fall is independent of the Mac, PC and console release Deus Ex: Human Revolution, though it's the same setting: 2027, when corporations have grown in influence and power beyond governments' ability to reign them in, thanks to their control of the drug supply needed by humans augmented with sophisticated nanotechnology.

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Best free iPhone games

Looking for even more free games for your iPhone or iPod touch? It goes without saying that the iPhone and iPod touch are a massively popular gaming platform -- and you told us they deserve more than a small mention in our top free iPhone apps post. So, we dove back into the App Store and found the very best free strategy games, free shooter games, free sports games, free casual games, free physics games, free action games, free role-playing games, and free racing games for iPhone and iPod touch!

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