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How to set up your iPad

If the iPad Air or the Retina iPad mini is the first iPad you've ever owned, the first thing you'll want to do is get it set up so you can start downloading apps and games, taking photos, and all the other amazing things you can do with it. Whether your new iPad is your first experience with iOS or not, we can get you up and running in no time. Follow along and we'll walk you through the setup process from start to finish!

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How to transfer data from your old Android tablet to your new iPad Air or Retina iPad mini

If you're coming from an Android tablet to a new iPad Air or Retina iPad mini, the transfer process isn't as easy as it is for current iOS users but it definitely isn't impossible either. Whether you just want to transfer contacts or you need to get calendars, movies, music, and more onto your new iPad, we can help you do it as painlessly as possible. Here's how:

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How to wirelessly tap-to-set-up a 3rd gen Apple TV with a supported iOS 7 device and Bluetooth LE

If you've got a supported iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7, you can quickly and easily set up any 3rd generation Apple TV wirelessly, no awkward silver remotes required. By using the Bluetooth LE connection in both your Apple TV and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can transfer your iTunes account info and wireless network settings in just seconds. Here's how:

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Are you using iCloud? [Poll]

iCloud has been called Apple's key to the next decade, an online hub in the clouds to replace the outdated Mac hub in your home -- but are you using it? Introduced alongside iOS 5, iCloud was the subject of Steve Jobs' final keynote appearance and the way Apple finally "cut-the-cord" to iTunes and kicked off their Post-PC era.

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How to setup your new iPad with iCloud or iTunes

If you just got your new iPad, you're going to want to set it up and get it working just as quickly and effectively as possible. With iCloud you can do that right on your iPad, with no computer or cables involved. If you prefer the old-school approach, you can also set up your new iPad using iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

For most people, most of the time, we recommend iCloud, but we'll walk you through both of them below.

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How to setup an AT&T account for cellular data on iPad 3G

Curious how to setup an AT&T account on Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G so you can get going with cellular data? Dieter's going to take you through it, step by step, in fine video form after the break.

  1. Either tap the popup that asks if you want to setup a 3G on startup, or tap the Settings app.
  2. Go to Cellular Data
  3. Tap view account (and then wait, it takes a while).
  4. Enter your user personal info and credit cards details and create a login.
  5. Choose your plan, $14.99 for 256mb or $29.99 for unlimited
  6. Remember, it rolls-over automatically so you'll get billed again next month!
  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the terms of service (seriously?) and tap to agree.
  8. Add international data if you're a traveler.
  9. Wait for them to notify you when it's complete.
  10. Once you get the notification, you are good to go!
  11. (If you want to, you can go back to Settings and make changes to your account).

Done? Done! Let us know how it worked for you!

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How To: Setup AT&T Free Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

So, I am sitting at my local Starbucks and decided to give the new AT&T free Wi-Fiย a spin on my iPhone 3G. The process was painless. After turning on Wi-Fi, you are presented with a screen to enter you phone number. Afterwards, it tells you that you are receiving a link via text (for free) with a link to access AT&T's free Wi-Fi.

I have to admit, at first I was thinking that this seems a little complicated and a lot of steps to just connect via Wi-Fi... but wait, it is all-goooooood.

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Android vs. iPhone: Which Does a Better Job Syncing to the Cloud?

The Reviews of the Android G1 Phone on T-Mobile are out and the verdicts are generally as follows: Partly Cloudy1, but forecasting big things to come. We're not going to try to hit every point just yet, but there's one point where this "Sidekick for Grownups" has what appears to be a real advantage over everybody else: dead-simple cloud setup.

So compared to the iPhone, just how good is the setup on the G1? The answer is: Depends on whether or not you're a Gmail type of person.

Yeah, "depends" isn't exactly a clear answer, so follow us after the break for a bit more on whether the G1 is PIM Push Paradise compared to MobileMe's Mechanized Movement of information.

(1Sorry, could help myself with that pun)

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