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Siri Tips

How to use Calendar with Siri

Make, change, cancel and view your calendar events with a little help from Siri

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How to check the Weather with Siri

Need to check the weather in a hurry? Just ask Siri!

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How to set up 'Hey Siri' on iPhone or iPad

'Hey Siri' lets you activate your iPhone or iPad with just your voice.

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How to use iMessage with Siri

Siri makes messaging manageable, even when you need to go hands-free!

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How to check the time and set alarms and timers with Siri

You can command time by only using your voice! Siri can make you the clock whisperer.

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How to change an alarm on your iPhone or iPad with Siri

Alarms and Siri go together like peanut butter and jam.

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How to set an alarm with Siri

While you can always go into the built-in Clock app and set an alarm, you can also just ask Siri. Whether you want to take a short nap or set a repeating alarm to wake you up for work, Siri can help!

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How to delete alarms with Siri

Siri can do more than just create alarms. It can destroy them too, and far faster and more efficiently than any other way!

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How to set a timer with Siri

Siri can set timers to make sure you never burn dinner — or burn yourself out at the gym — again!

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How to prevent Siri and Wallet access from your lock screen

Siri and Wallet from the lock screen are incredibly convenient—but they're not secure!

Apple's voice assistant, Siri, can provide information and execute commands even from the lock screen. With the iPhones 6s, it can even be activated by your voice alone. That's incredibly convenient, but it also means other people can ask Siri for some basic types of information as well, and that's not very private. For most people it won't matter. The convenience will be more important and the potential information and access exposed not a huge problem. But, if you need to be extra private and extra secure, you can disable Siri—and even Wallet—and force an unlock to access them.

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