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Siri Tips

How to check movie ratings with Siri

One of the first things a lot of us do before heading to the movies is check out the ratings for the film we are interested in. Let's face it, movie theaters nowadays are anything but cheap and even though ratings can't always be the deciding factor, terrible ratings could indicate it'd be better to check it out once it hits Netflix or becomes available for rent on iTunes. Luckily, Siri can help you check movie ratings in just a few seconds with the help of Rotten Tomatoes.

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How to watch movie trailers with Siri

Apple has had a special relationship with movie trailers for years. From the early days of QuickTime to iTunes and dedicated apps on iOS and the Apple TV, Apple's always provided high quality trailers for movies new and old. Siri is no different. Thanks to Siri, you're never more than a Home button press and a few words away from almost any movie trailer on the internet. Don't waste time searching — just ask Siri!

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How to find movies and showtimes in your area with Siri

If you're wanting to head out and catch a new movie, Siri makes it easy to find out exactly what movies are playing near and what theaters they're available at. Once you find a movie you're interested in, Siri can even present you with showtime information.

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How to find your way home with Siri

In an area you aren't familiar with and just want your iPhone or iPad to get you home safely? Luckily, Siri can help you do just that with help from the built-in Maps app. All you have to do is ask!

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How to pause, play, skip, and shuffle tracks with Siri

Not only can Siri play songs, albums, and playlists from the built-in Music app on your iPhone or iPad, it can also interact with what you're currently playing. Basic commands like play, pause, skip, and shuffle may be easy when you're sitting around casually listening to music, but if you're driving, Siri lets you keep your hands on the wheel.

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How to ask Siri to play a specific song on your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes when we're driving or we can't give our undivided attention to looking at our phones, Siri makes it super convenient to get things done. The Music app is no exception and Siri can interact with it in lots of ways, including playing specific songs.

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How to check the weather with Siri

Most of us want to know what the weather is going to be like when preparing for our day. Do we need to bring an umbrella or pack a sweatshirt in anticipation of a chilly evening? While there are lots of great weather apps, sometimes we just want quick weather information without having to dig through folders. So instead, just ask Siri about the weather!

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How to update a note on iPhone or iPad with Siri

Update your notes using only your voice.

The Notes app for iPhone or iPad is a great way to not only keep track of your thoughts but also to add to and update them whenever the need arises. All you have to do is launch the app, scroll until you find the note, tap into it, and start typing. If your hands are full, however, if you're driving, or you just don't want to type, you can use Siri top update your notes in no time flat.

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How to take a Notes with Siri

You're never too busy to take a note with Siri.

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How to find a local business or restaurant with Siri

Want to check out that fancy new restaurant your colleague recommended? Traveling and want to check out an awesome store a friend recommended to you but don't know where it's at? Regardless what you need to find, the Maps app and Siri can help you find whatever you need faster than ever!

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