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Siri Tips

How to look up game schedules for your favorite sports teams with Siri

While there are lots of sports apps available in the App Store, sometimes it's just easier to ask Siri a simple question than to have to launch apps and search for things. So next time you're wondering when your favorite baseball or football team has a game, just ask Siri instead!

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How to look up player stats with Siri

If you have a favorite athlete, Siri makes it easy to get up to date statistics on them whenever you want. Sure this is something a lot of third party apps can show you too, but if you ever need to look something up quickly, try asking Siri instead!

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How to set up, secure, and start using Siri

Siri is Apple's virtual, personal, digital assistant with a personality straight out of a Pixar film. With Siri, your iPhone or iPad can help you do all sorts of amazing things, from keeping in contact, to keeping on time, to keeping informed. But first, you may need to get Siri set up and up to speed. Follow along for a quick walkthrough on how to get started with Siri!

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How to use Siri with typing instead of your voice on iPhone and iPad

Siri can answer hundreds of questions, respond to dozens of commands, and scour the web for information on a myriad of topics. Unfortunately Siri may not always understand you correctly or you may simply want to adjust your command or query. Luckily, you can easily edit the text Siri's responding to and have it give you an updated response.

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How to change Siri's language on iPhone and iPad

Siri is available in dozens of languages throughout the world. Just like you can change Siri's gender, you can also change its language. This is a great feature to remember if you or someone you know lives in a bi-lingual home, or if your iPhone or iPad didn't come out of the box with Siri programmed to your native language.

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How to search for movie theaters in specific areas with Siri

Sometimes you may not want to go to the movie theater that is closest to your current location. Perhaps you'll be out of town but want to be sure you know where you can catch that movie you're dying to see while you're away. Whatever the reason, Siri can not only find nearby theaters, it can also find theaters in specific areas.

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How to get directions to the movie theater with Siri

No matter where you are, you can almost always find one thing, and that's movie theaters. Perhaps you're traveling or on vacation and decide you want to catch a movie. Once you find one you like, you'll probably need to figure out how to get to the theater. Luckily, Siri can not only help you find a movie, but find the theater it's playing at as well.

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How to get information about a movie, director, or actor with Siri

Looking for detailed information about your favorite movie? Perhaps you'd like to know exactly how many movies a certain actor has starred in? No matter what you want to know, Siri makes it simple to find the information you want.

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How to look up sports scores and game information with Siri

If you need to check the scores for your favorite sports teams, there's no faster way to get quick information than with Siri. Want to know what the current score is to a game you can't watch live? No problem. How about the score for the last game? Not a problem either! With Siri, you can calm your nerves, win bar bets, or simply impress your friends!

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How to get Siri to tell you a bedtime story

Siri, Apple's personal digital assistant for iPhone and iPad, can do far more than make calls or appointments, send texts or set alarms — it can read children a bedtime story. It takes a little work to coax Siri into doing it, but the smiles you get in return make it more than worthwhile.

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