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AT&T Upgrading 3G in Prep for Next Gen iPhone?

Just prior to the original iPhone's release, AT&T's operation "Fine Edge" brought faster, stronger, better 2.5 / 2.75G speed to the GSM masses. This year, in a strangely reminiscent move, reports are coming in that AT&T is showing their 3G HSPA network the same type of love:

For the past few months we’ve been seeing average download speeds between 500 - 800 kbps with a spike here and there. This morning’s tests however, are yielding between 1400 - 1500 kbps.

Gee, could another iPhone release be on the horizon?


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AT&T Brings More Speed to the Yard: It's Better Than Yours

Despite the iPhone's Mobile Safari browser rendering pages faster on Edge than many "competing" devices can on lesser browsers with faster connections, the race to speed the feeds continues, and AT&T has not only taken an early lead, but is positively driving towards the 3G finish-line.

Amazing what a little technology (and a billion dollars) can do.

WMExperts.com cites a recent survey where AT&T's HSDPA trounced EVDO Rev A., averaging 755kbps with bursts peaking at 1.6mbps(!)

In Apple-parlance: It's a screamer.

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