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Robot Entertainment walks us through The Tribe in Hero Academy

Last week, Robot Entertainment launched a new army for their excellent turn-based strategy game for iOS, Hero Academy. At PAX East 2012, they were appropriately showing off the greenskins next to their upcoming dungeon-trapper PC game, Orcs Must Die 2, so we decided to check out the update.

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Hunters 2 review: Track down aliens on your iPhone one turn at a time

Hunters 2 is a relatively new game for iPhone which corners a very specific (but hardcore) niche. It's a turn-based tactical combat game where you tailor futuristic mercenaries with your choice of skills and gear of the course of several harrowing missions.

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Trainyard for iPhone - game review


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Trainyard for iPhone combines simplistic graphics and design with puzzles that are not so simple. The concept of the game is to get all the trains into the correct stations without a collision. The first several levels will teach you the basics but after that, you'll definitely be scratching your head.

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Crush the Castle for the iPhone a strategy game

Crush the Castle for iPhone is a simple and fun strategy game. The object of Crush the Castle is to destroy buildings with trebuchets -- a fancy siege engine something like a catapult. You get the chance to be the attacking army and, as a twist, you can even build your own structures and destroy them as well.

The game interface is very easy to get used to. You tap the screen to launch the trebuchet and then again when you want the ammunition to be released. The you watch to see if your ammunition has hit its target. You get to pass the level when all of the occupants of the building have been killed. (Yes, this game is not for the pacifist.)

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Cut the Rope for iPhone - app review

Cut the Rope for iPhone is a simple, yet challenging strategy type game.  Your little frog Om Nom wants candy.  The candy is hanging from random ropes with all kinds of obstacles in the way.  Your job is to find a way to cut the strings in the right order to get the candy into Om Nom's mouth.  You'll also need to collect stars on the way down.  The more stars you collect and the quicker you complete a level, the more points and achievements you'll earn.

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Zentomino for iPhone - App Review

Zentomino for iPhone is an easy to play puzzle game and a great time killer. While the game may have a simple concept, some of the puzzles are not as simple to solve. To complete a puzzle, you'll take Tetris-like pieces and fit them inside the puzzle designs without overlapping or going outside the boundaries. Drag pieces out of their places or back in, tap them while on the board to rotate them. Sometimes you'll use all the pieces allotted to you, sometimes you won't.

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Highborn HD for iPad- app review

Highborn is a turn-based strategy game for iPad set in a fantasy environment with paladins, wizards and warriors. What sets Highborn apart for the mix of other worthy turn-based games is it's humor and asynchronous multiplayer gameplay.

You start the game off with "Archie" your wise-cracking paladin. The game uses humor to its advantage to drive the story and successfully at that. You select your unit whether it's Archie, soldiers or archers and move them around the board to capture buildings and defeat the bay guys. You can tap on any character (good or bad) to see their movement range and attack range. Next you tap the location you would like your unit to move to. Then you can attack if next to an enemy or launch a distance attack if you are in range. Regretfully, once you have made a move (without ending your turn) you can not undo your move. This is frustrating, but you quickly learn to plan your moves out more carefully.

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Quick App: UniWar Turn-Based Strategy Game

UniWar [$4.99 - iTunes link] is a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch that provides a great challenge and three races to choose from.

UniWar is quite the little gem of a strategy game. You have four modes of play: Online, Campaign, Solo and Vs. and three species to choose from: Sapiens, Titans and Khraleans. The variety of  units is very diverse. You have units that can bury them selves underground and move a space at a time to units that can teleport across the screen. One of the great things I enjoy about this game is the plethora of maps you have to play; 50+!!! That is plenty to keep me busy. As of this writing, I have only played about 10 maps, so I have a long way to go!

This game is very polished and I have lost many hours playing it. If you like StarCraft, this is an excellent diversion to keep you busy. The developers are quite active in delivering updates (they are up to 1.0.4 already). They have also added the little extra touches that can make a difference such as the ability to play in portrait or landscape in real-time; just rotate your iPhone. Nice.

When you play online you register on the UniWar website and it keeps track of your stats and even has a ladder to see your ranking. You also have the ability to save multiple active games and resume them at your leisure.

If I were to mention some areas of improvement it would be the AI's time to play; it can be lengthy at times (I once waited 20 seconds). Though trivial, I think with the modern hardware of the iPhone, that the AI can be sped up a bit for mobile gaming. Also, though the graphics are good, the animation appeared to be a bit jerky. Perhaps this could be improved with more animations per unit. If i had to guess, there are only a few frames of animation each. The fluidity of movements would make the play that much more immersive.

Overall, if you like Sci-Fi turn-based stragatey games, this is a steal at $4.99! Check it out now! Sreenshots after the break!

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Hockenberry on App Store, Being "Trendy", and Why NOT to Delay for Extra Features

As many of us eagerly wait for Twitterrific 2.0 to hit the iTunes App Store, developer Craig Hockenberry has provided an interesting insight into the mind -- and strategy -- behind one of the most high-profile development houses in Apple-dom. Says Hockenberry on being Trendy:

As software developers we often fall into the “just one more feature” trap. We want a 1.0 release to be awesome, and that one more thing will only take a day or two, and people will love it, so why not?

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