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Twelve South

Twelve South's new SurfacePad colors will leave you wanting one

Twelve South has recently announced some new SurfacePad colors that resemble options that you can find in Apple's leather cases, and they are stunning. Designed to be a 'case for people that don't want a case', the SurfacePad makes for a stylish addition to your iPhone.

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TimePorter from Twelve South lets your Apple Watch travel in style

You now have an elegant way to lug your Apple Watch around — and charge it on the go — thanks to the folks from Twelve South. This is the TimePorter.

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The Twelve South TimePorter lets you easily haul your Apple Watch accessories

Accessory maker Twelve South has introduced the TimePorter, a new carrying case for you Apple watch accessories.

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Twelve South releases BookBook cases for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4

Accessory maker Twelve South has released new versions of its BookBook case for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 4. The company is also teasing an upcoming version of the case for the iPad Pro.

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Save 50% on a variety of Twelve South products right now

Popular accessory maker Twelve South is offering a 50% savings on 8 of its current products, and all you have to do is order today and use the coupon code BFDEAL2015 to save.

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Twelve South's Forte is the classiest way to charge and display your Apple Watch

I've looked at a variety of Apple Watch stands since the very first ones debuted in early May, but none have really worked for me. After a few months and aborted tries, I ended up just charging my Apple Watch atop my jewelry tray—not a bad place for it, but not a very nice way of showcasing the watch, either. Enter Twelve South's Forte: It's the classiest way to charge and display your Apple Watch yet.

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Twelve South's new BookArc is ready for any MacBook

Twelve South has introduced a brand new version of its BookArc stand, designed with Apple's new 12-inch MacBook in mind, but ready to take on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Twelve South Baselift easily elevates your MacBook on the go

Twelve South takes a new approach to elevating your Macbook with their latest accessory, Baselift.

Knowing that not everyone will want to lug around a stand in order to change the elevation of their MacBook, Twelve South has taken a new approach in an accessory that will always be attached. The Baselift is a microfiber-layered pad that serves two purposes once installed.

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Twelve South will launch its Apple Watch stand in May for $50

Twelve South, which has made high quality stands for the iPhone and iPad in the past, will launch its first HiRise stand for the Apple Watch sometime in May.

Twelve South says that the HiRise stand for the Apple Watch will be able to accommodate all of the official bands that have been announced for the smartwatch.

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Twelve South launches ParcSlope stand for MacBooks

Twelve South has introduced a new stand for Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops called ParcSlope for MacBook. Billed as "the MacBook stand you can type on", ParcSlope sits on your desk, angling your MacBook for comfortable typing.

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