This iPad stand is almost as tall as me: here are three uses for it

Twelve South iPad stand
(Image credit: Twelve South)

I discovered today that I am five foot, six inches, and a little bit tall. Then, I read the press release for the new Twelve South HoverBar Tower for iPad, and I discovered that it too is over five feet tall. How much over five feet tall, I am unaware, but it was enough to make me double-take.

It's loaded with some cool features as well. It's a flexible stand, so you can manipulate the iPad around on the top, and get it in the perfect viewing position. It doesn't have to be five feet tall either, with adjustable height. to below three feet. The base is weighted, so it's not going to fall over, and it can hold the iPad in either portrait or landscape.

All is well and good, but what can you use it for? Twelve South has some ideas - using it to practice guitar while sitting down, putting it a distance away to use while cooking, using it for yoga and other exercises, etc. But I challenged myself - what else could you use it for?

Things you could do with a five foot tall iPad stand

1. Use it as a songbook holder in a choir
If you've ever had to stand in a choir with a songbook in your hand, you know how much of a pain it can be to hold up a songbook for a few songs. Stick all those sheets on your iPad and bring along the Twelve South HoverBar, and you'll be reading off those notes with no trouble - and hands-free.

2. Use your iPad as another screen at your desk
With continuity on your iPad, you can use it as another screen to go with your Mac. If you've got a desk, and you need some extra screen real estate, then it's a great option. but what if your desk is free? This stand will let you have a floating iPad screen alongside your desk.

3. Invite Grandma from across the State for dinner
Ok, so it's not gonna fly Granny down in record time, but get a face time chat going and have dinner with Grandma, even when she's miles away. Get the iPad on the stand and stick it at the end of the dinner table - you could even get it at exactly the right height. Unless, you know. She's six feet tall.

Honestly though, Twelve South gives you plenty of reasons why you'd want to stick your best iPad in there anyway, and it looks like it'll be fantastic if you're looking for something to track exercise and home gym stuff with. Find out more about the Twelve South HoverBar tower at the Twelve South website. You can find the HoverBar Tower at the Apple store for $129 in both black and white, or at Amazon where you'll only find the black version.

Tammy Rogers
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