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What you need to know

  • Twelve Souith has a new ParcSlope stand for Mac and iPad.

Twelve South has today unveiled its new ParcSlope stand for Mac and iPad.

In a press release today the company stated:

Twelve South, known for their beautifully crafted consumer electronics accessories, has today unveiled its latest innovative product, ParcSlope, a sleek, dual purpose metal stand for MacBook and iPad users. Twelve South designs products to enhance the experience of using your favorite tech gear, and ParcSlope is no exception.

ParcSlope is a one-piece metal stand designed with an 18-degree typing and sketching angle, making it ideal for consumers who seek comfort and productivity without compromising accessibility to the keyboard and touchpad. MacBook users can enhance their Zoom call set up as ParcSlope offers a more ergonomic design for better and more professional looking video. Its design also improves ergonomics and airflow to promote a quieter and cooler MacBook.

The ParcSlope can help raise your MacBook screen to a more comfortable height, or angle your iPad for sketching and creative work. It also works to improve airflow around your Mac for improved cooling, and even comes with built-in cable management! When it comes to detail, ParcSlope has ridges along the top "just tall enough" to let your MacBook screen open and close freely.

ParcSlope is available in matte black from TwelveSouth.com and the Apple Online store for $59.99 and will work with all MacBooks. TS co-founder Andrew Green said "With so many of us working from home now, it's so important to create a workspace that's comfortable, productive and beautiful. ParcSlope elevates your MacBook screen for better ergonomics while keeping your keyboard + trackpad at desk level. But ParcSlope's aggressively minimal design is what I'm most excited to share. When a desk accessory borders on a sculpture - you really have something special"