Twelve South Curve RiserSource: Twelve South

What you need to know

  • Twelve South just announced the Curve Riser accessory.
  • It's designed to raise iMacs and iMac Pros so you can put things underneath.
  • You could just put any display on it, though.

Accessory maker Twelve South just announced a new stand and even though it's designed with iMac and iMac Pro in mind, you could use it for just about any display. So long as it'll fit, of course. Twelve South says it's been tested with iMac (all models), Apple Pro Display XDR (with Pro Stand), LG UltraFine 4K Display, and LG UltraFine 5K Display.

The aim of the Curve Riser is pretty simple. It takes your Mac and makes it higher than it was while giving you space beneath to keep things. Those things could be drives, adapters, audio kit, or anything.

Curve Riser is a premium metal stand inspired by Curve for MacBook. This sleek, fixed-height stand showcases and elevates your iMac, iMac Pro or external display to a more comfortable viewing height. The convenient storage shelf holds hard drives, hubs or personal items. The metal shelf's ventilated design allows for optimal airflow for devices such as audio interfaces or even a Mac Mini. Elevate the look and comfort of your workspace with Curve Riser.

The back of the Curve Riser is open so you can run cables out of it and you can even put a Mac mini inside, too. This could be the perfect companion for anyone struggling for space on a desk, for example.

You can order yourself a TwelveSouth Curve Riser right now 79.99.

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