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two-step verification

How to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud

Keep your iCloud account secure with two-factor authentication.

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Authy gets refreshed design, Touch ID support in latest update

Authy, the two-factor authentication app, has been update for iOS 8, adding support for Touch ID. Authy has also been redesigned, adding a quick bar to make it easier to get to your authorization keys.

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Lost your iCloud recovery key? Here's how to generate a new one!

If you've [enabled two-step verification]( for your iCloud account, you already know that if you ever forget your password, you'll need your iCloud recovery key in order to reset it. If you've lost the printout containing your key, you should immediately generate a new one in case your key falls into the wrong hands. As long as you know your current password, you can replace your iCloud recovery key in just a few minutes.

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Tumblr ups its security game with two-step authentication

Regular Tumblr users will be happy to hear that the service has now added two-step authentication to keep your accounts more secure. Wherever its available we'd always recommend using two-step authentication for that added layer of protection on your accounts.

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Apple brings two-step verification to Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Spain!

Apple has expanded its two-step authentication program for Apple IDs to six more countries. Users can add extra security to their accounts in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

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Researcher continues exploring iCloud security, some media outlets continue to overreact

Russian security researcher Vladimir Katalov gave a talk last week at Hack in the Box security conference detailing his findings on Apple's iCloud protocols. Katalov's research highlights several shortcomings in iCloud's security model, including the fact that iCloud data is not protected by the two-step verification system Apple rolled out earlier this year.

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Security Researcher Raises Concerns over Apple's Two-Step Authentication

CEO Vladimir Katalov of the security software company Elcomsoft has published a post on CrackPassword outlining where he believes Apple’s two-step authentication comes up short. While he admits that the authentication works as advertised and it’s a good idea for people to enable it, he has also identified some areas that he thinks could use some improvement.

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Apple's two-step verification now enabled in Canada, additional countries

Apple's two-step verification service first rolled out in March, though only to a limited number of countries. Anyone outside the U.S, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand was out of luck, but as 9to5Mac reports, the service has just been switched on in a host of new locations.

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