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Videos App: The Ultimate Guide

Apple may have a fancy new for the U.S. but, for the rest of the world, the only way to play iTunes Movies and TV shows remains the Videos app. And here's everything you need to know about it!

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Apps World: New features coming to Zeebox TV app

This week’s App World event in San Francisco was been dedicated to mobile games and apps. One section of the show – TV Hackfest - specifically showcased apps relating to television and video viewing.

Inside of the TV Hackfest area, we met with Anthony Rose, Co-founder and CTO off Zeebox. Zeebox is a second-screen TV app with features like a customizable TV guide, news feeds for users’ favorite shows, and discussion rooms for those shows. Anthony was kind enough to show us some of the things Zeebox can do and provide iMore with an exclusive look at the iOS update that's due out in a few days.

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Ahoy there! An all hands-on deck look at Assassin's Creed Pirates for iPad

Last week Ubisoft announced release details for Assassin’s Creed Pirates and there was much rejoicing. Pirates takes place entirely at sea and draws inspiration from Assassin’s Creed IV. Many feel that sailing and piracy were the best parts of the latest console game, which bodes well for the new mobile entry.

We recently visited Ubisoft’s San Francisco office to play a prerelease build of Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Check out iMore’s exclusive hands-on video and our walkthrough of the opening section of the game!

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Graffiti Collective for iOS review: Make and share your own graffiti!

The people behind youth smoking prevention campaign Truth have just released their own message game for iOS: Graffiti Collective. The basic theme is that smoking is really bad for you and the American cigarette companies do lots of awful things to keep people smoking. BUT even people who smoke like a hundred packs a day might just dig this free game's actual gameplay. As you can guess, it involves lots of awesome graffiti.

I like to think that games qualify as art. And like art, some games seek to promote messages rather than simply entertain. Not everyone will agree with what a message game has to say, but that’s how art works too.

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Editor's desk: Next small things, WWDC 2012, videos, podcasts, features, and more!

What's the easiest way to take a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric? The answer to that is the answer to a lot of seemingly difficult problems, including, sadly, how to get passwords away from unsuspecting users. Unfortunately, it's not at all a way to get anything away from Apple. Not ever. So we're left with a mix of leaks, speculation, and analysis. We've been trying to avoid the rumor regurgitation lately to focus on some of that analysis. More on that below.

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How to post a video to YouTube or Facebook from your new iPad

Now that you've unboxed your new iPad and set up with with iTunes or iCloud you'll probably want to start taking videos with the new and improved camera. The iPad makes it easy to share all your videos with friends and family several ways. We'll guide you through sharing your videos on two of the most popular services - YouTube and Facebook.

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Apple preps 12 Days of Christmas promotion with iPhone and iPad app

Apple has released their 12 Days of Christmas app a little early this year. The promotion will run between December 26 and January 6 but Apple hasn't put any content in there just yet.

You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps and books for free. Each download will only be available for 24 hours. Get our special 12 Days of Christmas app to make it even easier to access your gifts while you’re on the go.

Don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Don’t worry. Come back 26 December to download gifts from your computer.

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iTribute [Sunday Fun Video]

The folks at Timeflies have made a unique tribute to the late Steve Jobs for one of their Tuesday songs.

All of this was shot on an iPad 2 and edited using iMovie, recorded, mixed, and mastered on an iMac. The beat was made using samples from OSX and iOS - everything on a Tuesday.

Check it out, below.

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Steve Jobs: High order bits

Almost all of Steve Jobs' appearances, talks, and keynotes are memorable in one way or another. Below are some of those that resonated with us the most over the years, the ones we've watched again and again, and the ones we've gleaned the most insight from, such as we can, into the mind of the man behind Apple.

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Apple posts three new videos to YouTube covering iPhone 4S, Siri and iCloud

Apple has posted three of the videos it used in yesterdays "Let's Talk iPhone" event to YouTube. The three videos are "Introducing iPhone 4S" which covers the features and benefits of the iPhone 4S, "Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S" which demos the Siri voice assistant features and finally "Introducing iCloud". The three videos are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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