VirnetX's $368 million FaceTime patent lawsuit against Apple dismissed

The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington has dismissed VirnetX's patent claims against Apple's FaceTime technology, and along with it their claim to $368 million in royalties. Apple has been fighting against against this patent holding company for over two years.

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Why FaceTime quality might have dropped, why Apple still hasn't released it as an open standard, and patent trolls

Way back in 2010 when FaceTime was first announced alongside the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs said that Apple would be releasing it as an open standard, presumably so other companies could make compatible clients on other platforms, and the world could video chat in harmony. But that never happened. It turns out Apple's been sued by patent-holding entity - typically referred to as patent troll - VirnetX. Apple lost the original trial, held in Texas' infamous rocket docket - a favorite of patent trolls - and lost the appeal. Now it looks like they're on the line for millions of dollars, and worse - are having to change the way FaceTime itself works. Joe Mullin spoke to Jeff Lease, one of VimetX's investors for Ars Technica:

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Apple to change behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS

Apple will be changing how VPN On Demand for iOS works due to a lawsuit by VirnetX. iOS devices running 6.1 or later that have VPN On Demand set to “Always” will now behave as though they were set to “Establish if needed”. The device will only use a VPN On Demand connection when it is necessary. This change will be made with an update at some point this month.

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