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Weekly Photography

How to take irresistible photos of your pets with your iPhone

If you don't have kids, your iPhone Camera Roll is probably filled with pictures of your pets. If you do have kids, your iPhone Camera Roll is probably filled with pictures of your kids with your pets. That means, unless you don't have pets at all, you'll want to take absolutely the best pictures you can of them. Not surprisingly, a lot of the iPhoneography tips we've covered previously also applies to pets, but there are some specific things to keep in mind -- and in frame!

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How to take fantastic photos of your kids with your iPhone

If you have children, you probably take more photos of them with your iPhone than anything else. We've already taken a look at how to take great portraits with your iPhone, and everything from that article applies here as well. We'll re-iterate some of them here, like light, camera level, and catchlights. But when it comes to taking the absolute best possible iPhone photos of your little ones, there are some other things we need to pay attention to as well.

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How to take dreamy iPhone photos of your newborn baby

Babies equal photos. It's really just that simple. Nothing sells more cameras or generates more images than a newborn baby. Whether it's yours, your family's, or your friend's, the moment we see them our fingers fly to the shutter. Babies are the celebrities of our lives and we all want the best possible photos of them we can get. Now you may seen especially dreamy photos of babies in galleries or on the web and wished you could capture similar images of the baby in your life. Well, you can! All you need is your iPhone, the right tools, and the proper techniques!

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