Three UK launches Wi-Fi calling app, inTouch

UK carrier Three now has a Wi-Fi calling app for iOS. The app, called Three inTouch, lets Three subscribers place phone calls with their existing Three number over Wi-Fi, even if they don't have a cellular signal. And it's all done at no cost, regardless of whether you're on a contract or prepaid plan. There's just one problem… Wi-Fi calling will be built into iOS with the release of iOS 8 in just a few month's time.

Overall, Three inTouch offers a nice clean interface with lots of white, and ties in not just the ability to place calls over Wi-Fi, but also supports text messaging as well.

Three's set up inTouch to be as easy as possible to use, stating that all you have to do is "just download and activate" and not have to fuss about with logins or passwords. It's a simple and straight-forward set-up that we appreciate, but with this very feature soon to be an integral part of iOS, we have to wonder if it was worth releasing at this point. The app is said to be coming to Android soon, and there haven't been any rumblings of similar features getting built in to Google's mobile OS, so perhaps they'll benefit more than Three iPhone users will in a few month's time.

What do you think of Three's new Wi-Fi calling app?

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Reader comments

Three UK launches Wi-Fi calling app, inTouch


Almost obsolete already. Mind you I wouldn’t mind betting that AAPL somehow hamper their app.
When it actually gets released we’ll probably find that it’s iPhone 6 + iOS8 only or something similar.

Yeah it happen to me too. My housemate got iphone too, downloaded it and got register straight away whilst I'm still trying to get registered now.