TiPb Asks: So how's iOS 5 working for you?

iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough

So... how's iOS 5 working for you? Apple opened the gates of update yesterday and unleashed a ton of new software so did you manage to download what you needed? Was it smooth sailing or did you have problems? Did it work out eventually or are you still having issues? Did you update all your iOS devices already or are you waiting on some?

For those of you who've updated successfully to iOS 5, do you like it? Is it what you expected? Are the new features implemented well for you? Anything surprisingly good or surprisingly bad? Any iOS 5 bugs driving you nuts, or hidden gems that just made your day?

One day later and one version ahead, how is iOS 5 working for you?

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TiPb Asks: So how's iOS 5 working for you?


I lost the notification (alert) sound when the phone is plugged into the USB port in my car, I can listen to iTunes, but cannot hear email or txt message alerts.... Only the phone ringing... Before software uprgrade I could always here the txt messafe through speakers in car, now I have to hold th phone and feel it vibrate.... UGH


I have 4 IOS devices connected on my Itunes and I frequently get annoying popups like "an ipod is connected but disk cannot be located" or something to that effect. It seems somewhat random to me when these devices are available or not for sync via Itunes.

Ios5 is awesome but after restoring my phone i noticed problms in my itunes/music .some of my album covers were duplicated and when you touch them both the songs were exactly the same 2. my generes were also duplicated and when i went to itunes to fix all the problems it showed that they were ok.but looking at the phone they were sill duplicated i do not know why they had to split the msic and videos i have had to spend alot of time to fix these issues also there has been other minor issues with the phone and itunes has anyone else had ny itunes issues? other than that all the funew stuff is great.

My iPad2 got nuked to factory reset status. Now i have to reinstall the aps one by one. I don't know what happened to my saved data because I haven't re-installed all the aps yet.
My iPod fared a little better and kept its apps, but all the music was deleted.
Overall I can't say I'm happy with the upgrade process.
I expected something a little more along the lines of Andriod/OSX upgrades (a few apps might not work untill the developer updates them; but they are there as is your data).

The music quality on the iPad 2 sounds as if I'm using cheap headphones, has anyone else experienced this with ios 5?

if the app is not on the home screen or it's in a folder, it's not that fast. I've enjoyed task switching by swiping left/right (back/forth) on the status bar on my jailbroken phone, which activates the "ipad-only" multi-finger swiping between apps. Disappointed Apple didn't give such an option on iOS5...

After installation of IOS5 on iPhone 4, Bluetooth is no longer working. Is on 'Discoverable' but continually searching for devices. It cannot find any. My MacBook can find my iPhone and pair no problem. But when I 'accept' the pair code on the iPhone, it gives me a message saying the connection was unsuccessful and does not support the Macbook.

ios5 runs on my 3gs now. Had issues and still do. After download many of my apps dissappeared and am still missing some 5 days later. Currently i am unable to update my apps or download anything from newsstand b/c nothing happens when i press on an item - when i press on a desired app to download it correctly turns blue but nothing launches.... Help!

Ios5 is fucking shit it's made my iPod so slow and laggy. Not to mention that iTunes 10.5 is a fucking joke aswell that doesn't even work properly. Wtf is going on with apple just release some updates to fix this stupid shit

So I can't get my Iphone 4 to connect..... Itunes will say it is updating... But my Iphone does nothing. ???????? Any suggestions?
I wanted to update it because I can't access my music in Itunes unless I use the search feature on the Iphone. If I search a song the phone finds it in Itunes and I have access to my whole library, but if I just go to Itunes it isn't there.
What should I do?

A lot of trouble in the upgrade, but managed to restore some through "perchased" in app store. In Pomegranate I lost bible versions (but managed to download them again). In games I lost most settings and sadly the cityies I have "built" in My country HD and Rock Vegas. Beware!

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