ToDo for iPhone Updated to support local notifications and much, much more...

ToDo for iPhone by Appigo has long been one of my favorite productivity apps.  I've been desperately waiting to see this app updated mainly with support for local notifications.  The fact that you'd have to open the app in order to update the badge was somewhat irritating.  It's part of the reason I switched back to Evernote.

Not only does ToDo now support local notifications, it's been updated with complete multitasking support as well as high resolution graphics for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th gen.  It also supports password protection and adding multiple alerts for tasks.  I've noticed the app overall is a lot more responsive as well.

Anyone here a die hard ToDo user? And if you use something else, let us know why. This update tempting anyone to give ToDo a try for the first time?

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Reader comments

ToDo for iPhone Updated to support local notifications and much, much more...


i was a hard core todo fan still think it is one of the better todo managers i just found awesome note to better suit my needs and be more flexible. i found it wasnt that easy to just take a not todo works best for just that todo's and alot of mine got lengthy thus hurting its usability for me.

Used it for a time, then found awesome note, and 2Do. I like the lay out of 2Do, and the fact that awesome note syncs with Evernote. In my Palm days I was a big agendus user, but the iPhone version is a long way from the great app it was on the Palm.

Having any todo app outside, and separate from, the Calendar app means I'm already unorganized. What's Apple waiting for?

This is a GREAT to-do application. I use it every day, and this update fills the last holes in what I would want in a task management app. If I thought really hard, I might be able to think of other features that I would like to see, but that just tells you how polished and well-thought out this app is. (I also use their iPad app, which is separate but well worth the additional price.)

I paid the $5 when the update came out to see if I liked it better than Things ($9.99), and I found Todo to be a little too complex for task management. I felt like it would take me longer to fully organize my to-do list than to actually do everything on that list. I'm glad everyone mentioned their favorites, I have more exploring to do!

The best productivity app is Pocket Informant. I found it years ago when I was a Crackberry addict, and the iOS version is simply awesome. If it didn't exist on the iPhone, despite all of the advantages over Blackberry, I would've never made the switch. I live by it. I strongly recommend that you check it out in the App Store.

Pocket Informant looks interesting, but not at $12.99. I already have ToDo and 2Do. Can't justify spending another $13.
I switched from ToDo to 2Do, as I couldn't stand that I couldn't set up a reminder for sometime earlier than the actual due date of the task. For example, if I had a task that was due on Jan 31, I wanted my reminder to remind me on Jan 20. I thought that would have been fairly standard functionality with a Task App. But, it wasn't in ToDo, so I switched. Hopefully, maybe this update to ToDo fixes that issue?

I use SeizeTheDay .. I love it, I've used it for months. It's FREE and works perfectly. You can set priorities of tasks, choose an alert, even have a "get around to it eventually" option for tasks. Highly recommend it.

For all the Gmail users, "GoTasks" is where its at. syncs with Gmail and best of all, it's free.
Simple, clean, no ads. Check it out.

ToDo, has been my al time favorite since I had my 3G. 2Do nearly took me away from it, Pocket informant too, but i always bounce back to Appigo's ToDo, theyve recently introduced Todo Online where you can sync all your tasks etc, automatically updates all devices you have ToDo installed, but at a price.. I don't trust Toodledo too much, so i might consider going for Appigo's online syncing option.

I would use Things but their cloud sync is taking forever. Using ToDo on iPad and iPhone is easy with Toodledo sync - so can use on the PC as well. Very nice setup to keep everything in sync.
And finally Local Notifications!!! How has this taken so long to implement on any to do app??

I've tried Things, Pocket Informant, OmniFocus, 2Do, Toodledo, and a few others and Appigo is the best for my purposes. Especially love the way it handles projects with multiple subtasks. The addition of multiple customizable alerts and an online sync service makes it just about perfect.