Top Gear: Race The Stig updates with new cars and more!

race the stig

Top Gear: Race The Stig, an endless driver game based on the mute driver in the popular Top Gear BBC TV series, just received a new content update today for iPhone and iPad, along with other versions.

The object of the game is to drive your vehicle a car's length ahead of the one being driving by the Stig while also dodging a ton of traffic and collecting gold nuts at the same time. This new update adds three new helmets for the player character to wear and more importantly three new cars to drive, including the Top Gear Taxi and the Escapade SUV.

There are also some new obstacles to avoid and more challenges to complete. Finally, the player can actually purchase the Stig's own Muscle car for use in the game.

Free: Download now

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Reader comments

Top Gear: Race The Stig updates with new cars and more!

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I don't like that Stig's car requires an in app purchase and can't be bought with in game currency like all the other cars.

Also the new cars and helmets haven't been activated yet. They'll show up in app over the next week. or so.