How to trouble-shoot iOS 4 battery life problems

Push Notification 20% Hit on Battery Life?

Simple question - how's your battery life under iOS 4? We keep wanting better hardware and more features -- and better battery life at the same time. How did iOS 4 deliver for you?

If the answer is not too well, we've got some steps you can use to try and help. We did this last year for iPhone 3.0, and it's worth doing again.

Now, if your battery drain is caused simply by use -- you're running background music or navigation like a fiend, for example, your only choice is to get a few more charging cables or battery extenders. If, however, you're doing roughly the same things you've always done and getting substantially less battery life for your troubles, there's a chance a few troubleshooting steps might just help get your power problems back under control.

Reboot iPhone

If, all of a sudden, your iPhone starts burning through battery and getting hot at the same time, there could be a "rogue process" just churning away in the background. The answer to that is a good old-fashioned power cycle.

Hold down the sleep button until the red "Slide to power off" arrow appears. If your iPhone is frozen or otherwise in dire straights, you can hold down the home button at the same time as the sleep button to force quit all applications and bring up the red arrow. Then just swipe, let the iPhone turn off, wait a few seconds, and hold down the sleep button again to turn your iPhone back on.

Redo Push

Since iPhone 2.0 we've seen Push gone wrong really cause a hit to battery life. With 3.0, Push Notification means not only could mail, calendar, and contacts start misbehaving in the background, but your IM, Twitter, games, and all sorts of other apps can as well. In iOS 4 we can even have multiple ActiveSync accounts so push can hit twice as hard.

Apple says Push can cause a 20% drop in battery life, but if you think yours is worse then it should be, the next step is to redo anything that involves Push, including MobileMe, Exchange, and Google Sync accounts, and apps using Push Notification. Now, you might want to try doing one at a time, check your battery life, and if you don't notice any improvement, try the next one. If you find the culprit quickly, that approach could save you some time. If you just want to get it over with, you might want to do them all at once.

For the accounts, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose your MobileMe and/or Exchange accounts, scroll down to the bottom and hit delete. For apps, go to Settings > Notifications and look at the list of any apps using Push Notification. Go back to the Home Screen, hold down the home button until the icons start to jiggle, and delete the Push Notification app.

Then, for accounts, go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, hit Add Account..., choose Mobile Me and/or Exchange, and re-enter your settings. For Push Notification apps, either sync them back from iTunes or go to the App Store app and re-download them.

My 3GS was getting warm and draining fast after I added Google Sync. Once I deleted and added it again, everything was great. So don't skip this step.

Restore as New iPhone

We won't lie to you -- this is the nuclear option. It's scorched earth. But to be frank, we at TiPb almost always default to this step because it almost always "just works". We do this every time we get a new firmware and every time we notice something just isn't right, and we have excellent battery life to prove it.

To restore your iPhone as new and get a fresh, clean start, attach it to your Windows or Mac machine via the USB cable and launch iTunes. A Restore button should be front and center on the screen. Hit it, then wait as iTunes goes through the laborious process of wiping your iPhone and installing the firmware again from scratch.

IMPORTANT: When iTunes asks if you want to restore your data from backup or set up as a new iPhone, choose NEW iPHONE.

Yes, you will lose your settings and any data saved in apps that don't provide some sort of sync functionality, but it's possible (even likely) some corruption in those settings or data is contributing to your poor battery life, and with an appliance like the iPhone, this is the only way to get rid of it.

This will also kill your Jailbreak, if you're jailbroken. But if something in your Jailbreak was killing your battery life, like backgrounder gone awry, trying out your iPhone without the Jailbreak is a good way to establish that.

Once your iPhone is set up as new, you can sync your info and media back over using the iTunes tabs as normal, and/or setup accounts and download apps on the iPhone itself.


iOS 4 should give you around the same battery life as previous versions. Even multitasking on iPhone 3GS shouldn't be a huge hit given Apple's implementation. If you're getting substantially less, there could be a problem with your setup or install.

Rebooting the iPhone, redoing Push-enabled applications, and restoring your iPhone as new are three escalating steps you can try to fix your battery problems.

Let us know how they work for you.

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How to trouble-shoot iOS 4 battery life problems


battery life isn't bad. The only problem I find is when I have no signal but the phone continues to search. my % drops pretty quickly. I usually just activate airplane mode, and for the most part I get good life. Now to deal with the "having to restart every few days" issue.

got my iP4 yesterday... didn't even charge it, just started using it fresh out of the box and got 10 full hours before 5% warning... and was relatively heavy usage with WiFi on about 90% of the time, couple hours of streaming pandora, web and email and 3-4 calls of about 10-15min each... simply amazed... charged it fully overnight and it can only get better!

Having just upgraded from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 I'm delighted with iP4's battery performance with wi-fi constantly on and under quite high usage I estimate an improvement of between 40-50 percent.

Use it when you need to use it. Don't waste your entire life on it. Keep a charger with you.
Problem solved.

The "push" suggestions are very valid for this particular upgrade. I upgraded from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. I was hardly able to make it more than 4 or 5 hours without the battery draining to 30% or less. I deleted my Exchange account and added it back in. Battery life has been exponentially improved. Yesterday, I went from 5AM to 10:30PM with the battery hardly even indicating a drop in charge. My iPhone use yesterday was the same as my normal usage. One little fix made a HUGE difference.

Both mine & my wife's 3GS models started using battery quicker after the iOS 4 upgrade. On a tip, bought the "Free Memory" lite version for $0.99 at the app store. We both keep it running in the background. A couple times per day we run it to let it do it's thing (it's automatic).
Since then, battery life has noticeably improved over the iPhone OS 3.1.x even with playing radio in the background.

the battery life is SIMPLY AMAZING... it lasts forever...
without a doubt the best cel phone on the market in terms of battery life.

Milk how are you. The battery life on my phone is average at best. However I did buy an extended battery and I am now a happy camper.

7.5 hrs usage + 17.5hrs stand by with 11% left.
Running with bluetooth on (although not connected to anything except when I'm in the car)
Gmail-set to fetch every 30min (using Gmail setup on email page)
Mostly wifi Internet browsing but also included a 250Mb Co-pilot update download over wifi.
My battery life has been great, I tried to drain the battery completely last night but gave up at 1am!
Definately no complaints so far with battery life.
I had an HTC HD2 for about a week and it lasted 10h and was dead without doing half of what I did with my ip4

Since upgrading to ios4 my battery life has been terrible (less than 2 hours vs 10+ on OS 3.1.x). I have tried all of these suggested solutions (multiple times since iOS4 was released) to no avail. The only thing that does work is to disable push and opt for fetch instead. This is not an acceptable solution as this is a work phone and I am dependent on emails arriving immediately, not every 15 minutes.
When push is on, the phone gets warm and the Usage and Standby times are always identical (even when it sits unused with no background apps running). So the phone is doing something all the time, sucking my battery life.

@ Adam, you need to check with the administrator of your e-mail system. You've got a rogue process that somehow is creating an open connection between phone & server (instead of an idle connection like it should be). This is a software problem (probably on the sever), and not an iPhone problem.

@Adam have you checked for open apps in the multitasking? I noticed if I have more than five down there the battery is awful. So double tap home and get rid of some of your apps your not using all the time. This helped with my battery 25-35% increase compared to 3.13

"worse thAn".
Hey you, go back to school.
Also: iPhone is a toy. If you really want pro-grade push, get a BlackBerry.

I think the restore as new is really only an option for noobs or new users who don't know the phone very well. I agree it just works but I compare it to computer manufacturers tech support response of Format and reinstall. I think there are some steps, great ones in your article, users can try that might have them back to normal without losing their settings.

Battery life for my iP4 is amazing! If I don't charge on my way to and from work it will still last me a day and a half. 3GS was horrible and would be drained after a half day of use.

I have an appt with Apple Genius Bar Friday because my iPhone 4 battery life is so bad I think something is wrong with the phone. I turned off Push, don't use Bluetooth, and use it to check email once every 30 minutes but by the end of the day, it requires a charge. I went to bed last night when it was at 13% and it didn't last through the morning on standby. Does that seem right?

Here's an important tip: if you listen to streaming audio and unplug the phone or stop the audio it pauses the OUTPUT but does not stop the streaming. Streaming and buffeting continues in the background waiting for you to un-pause it.
You need to go into the streaming app and stop the stream or remove the streaming app from the switcher list when you are finished listening.

Is there a way of doing a restore as new iPhone but retain the SMS data? I would like to do a fresh start but don't want to lose my messages. Thanks.

MUCH better battery on the iP4, MUCH. I mean, really. Much more like my Blackberry was before I gave it up.

I want to restore my iPhone, but I am worried I will lose all my SMS.
Is there a way to backup and restore them?

I'm getting about 12ish hours of moderate-heavy use with the new iOS .. I honestly don't remember the battery usage on the previous OS, so I can't compare side by side, but I'm pretty happy to know I can get most of the day use out of it :)

I upgraded 3GS to iOS4, and noticed the same thing as Ricky (earlier comment). The Multi-Tasking seems to be a big drain of Battery, especially the Twitter App. In hearing about iOS4, and Steve Jobs, saying they did this right, I thought it was mentioned the user would have the choice to say which Apps would be allowed to Multi-Task. It just seems odd to now have to go through an extra step to completely close an App. I love the Multi-Tasking for some Apps, but it would be nice to pick and choose in the Settings about which App can run in the background. Other than this, it truly is a great overall experience, as a previous BB user since they came out, I don't see how I could go back.

I also updated my 3GS to iOS4 and began to see my battery life drop significantly thereafter. Since reading the above post I rebooted my iphone and then deleted both my email accounts (exchange server & hotmail), set them up again and the problem seems to have been fixed. The problem may have been with the push function... I'll update you all if the problems return.

Update day after: Great news everyone... My 3GS's battery life is better then ever, so the above recommendations are valid tips... Cheers

My battery life has been awesome ! at the end of the day I alwys have plenty left, but then again I haven't tried streaming my Pocket Radio app since I've had the phone.

When I hit pause on Pocket Radio app it doesn't quit out of the app it keeps running in the background and I notice my running memory is less and I have to power down the phone in order to quit Pocket Radio, Does anyone know a way I can close an app ?

Battery of ipod since update to iOS 4 is terrible!!! only a few minutes of playing the usual games decrease battery life almost 20% from full charge! I fully restored my unit as New Ipod, but still the same problem and result... already turned all push and notifications, still the same problem... what else should I do?? this has never happened prior to the update

I'm with those who've had serious battery issues since the upgrade. All the new functionality is wonderful, but I can actually watch the charge percentage numbers going down as I use applications. I frequently charge my phone (home, work, car), so it's not unusable, but it's unacceptable. I'm seeing a day of what I consider regular use knock me down to 20% when before the upgrade, the same level of usage left me at 50 or 60%.
This is still showing up even though I manually close apps rather than leaving them multitasking or even frozen for fast app switching; and though I turned off Push and set Fetch to once an hour.
What's worst, ironically, is that the majority of upgraders seem to have the opposite effect. I'm happy for them, but it's keeping attention away from those of us who ARE having problems.
I hope the promised patch for antenna bar display issues has a battery life tweak tucked into it for phones whose power consumption has skyrocketed. I don't care whether they acknowledge there is a problem, as long as they fix it.

I'm right there with ya Alex. There is no question that the battery life dropped dramatically. Also, even if turning off multitasking apps is a "fix", I don't want to have to worry about that. There needs to be a way to open a second app from the previous app, and a way to CLOSE (ie NO multitask)....and a clear way to know how many apps are running if I forget.....I hate forgetting that I did not "Multitask kill" an app I used, and having to do it, one by one, in the multitask menu. Gotta be a better way.

Thanks for the info. I had the same battery problem when installing OS 4 on my 3G phone. I deleted the two mail accounts and reinstalled them for an immediate fix.

Totally agree Alex (38) - My battery life on the new iphone 4 is terrible compared to my 3GS. I've turned off bluetooth, disabled push, turned down brightness, all the other stuff they reccommend and I'm still seeing far worse performance than with my 3GS running everything flat out. I'm considering a rebuild, after that I'll be knocking on Apple's door.

Thanks !!
My new iphone 4 battery was much worst than 3gs. 40/50% drop overnight in standby.
Re installed software (4.0 to new 4.01)and all the rest as a new iphone and last night drop was 2%.
Some files were probably corrupted.

Well basically, since IOS4 was installed on the iPod Touch 2g 8GB, battery life plunged. a full recharge empties on a 48h basis. Also performance is down a lot, so I'm probably going to downgrade to iOS 3, or maybe wait until the 4.0.1 update arrives for iPods too. It's as if Apple wants your "legacy" hardware feel like it's from the year 1995, forcing you to upgrade.

I have a jailbroken 3G, and I've noticed that battery life is reduced since the upgrade (and re-jailbreak)to ios 4.01. Since my unit is over a year and a half old, though, it may be time to send it out for a new battery soon, anyway. I did try deleting and re-adding my email accounts, rebooting, etc., per above. I am also careful to check the multitasking and close everything.

hi everyone!
i just cant believe how fast my battery dies and am lost with all ur comments! can anyone please just give me some tips about how to improve the battery life? thxx

My iPhone 4 seems to get horrible battery life compared to these claims of 10 hours my best charge only lasted 6 hours of usage and like 15 hours standby is that normal? At the moment I'm at 35% and the usage is at 3 hours and 2 minutes. That can't be correct vie tried everything I've restored as new phone, turned down brightness, turned of notifications and push, and turned off location services wifi and Bluetooth. Could it be that I use my 3G data alot at home and my signal is bad? Email me

my iphone4 suddenly had battery life 10% of what it usually was! it couldn't even last 1 night on standby after being fully charged.
i read this, breathed a sigh of relief that my iphone4 wasn't broken, and did as recommended. worked like a charm! and now its awesome!
it was probably a rogue app running in the background or something! thanks so much!! :)

hi i know why the battery is coming bad
ok since the new update is trying to fix the reception
the iphone 4 spends power trying to keep the reception
why do i know ?
accidentaly i updated mi iphone 4 from 4.0 to 4.0.2 jaja and after that
the battery looses more then 40% every day

I'm 100% agree with Sergio. It's look very logically, I have the same situation. Apple just trying to solve reseption of their phones by software. I hope they'll read this posts and will improve this case. I like iPhone, but I need it like business device and really begin to think change device.

Hi, i got my iphone for for 1mounth, the most batery i got is less than 4 hours, i charge it for the hole night and in the morning when i begin to use it befor 12 its off. I'll try to wipe it and try again!

my iphone battery life has been horrible. i have push turned off, notifcations off, not a high brightneess, always makesure to close my apps. went to the apple store all he did was restore as a new iphone... guuess wat problem nt solved.... any ideas?

There is a new sudden problem as of late October 2010. Multiple friends with iPhone 4 all at around the same time encountering extremely rapid battery drain. All the usual suspects are not correcting this... Is it AT&T or apple? This is crazy... Phone barely lasts 6 hours with moderate use, use to last all day and then some...

My problem started yesterday the 28th as well. Too much of a also was in the charger overnight for 8 hours and it still hadn't charged to 100% by morning. I've adjusted settings, but it hasn't had much effect. so frustrating!

Same here!!! Last week my battery would last 2 days even with using wifi some, playing games and talking. Now, it all of the sudden tells me its charged after 1 hour and won't charge anymore. Then within 8 hours of not even using the phone its 50% dead. If i use it even slightly it dies WAY too fast. I've changed settings, but nothing fixed it. I even turned it off for 20 minutes

I just got an iPhone 4 two weeks ago and every day it gets worse. I always charge overnight. Battery was dead before the workday ended yesterday; today it was dead by 2:30 p.m. And the phone gets hot; so does the AC adaptor.

Battery is stone dead! Started yesterday drawing power rapidly. I charged it to 100%, then it lost all power in about 2 hours. What's with all these coincidences??

Same issue as stated above. Starting around 10/28, I'm only getting about 6-8 hours of battery when I was getting a couple days before. I really don't want to go to the Apple store.

I had the same problem about 2 months ago. Apple store suggested upgrading to IOS 4.01 and I did, but got the same result. They wound up replacing the phone. Yesterday, the same thing started happening again. I've tried all the tips I've read ere and on other sites and will see if it works. I believe there is a hardware problem they just aren't admitting that causes the battery to drain quickly after a couple of months. I'll see if they will replace again if it keeps up.

I am experiencing the same thing starting about two days ago. Suddenly the battery won't even last through one day, yesterday was the worst. I barely even touched my phone the entire day and when I went to pick it up off the counter this morning the battery was dead.

I went to Apple store for quickly draining, hot battery & adapter (brand new phone) and they gave me a new battery. Day One of the new one, it drained just as fast but didn't get hot. I turned off notifications/push and today it used up only about 1/10 of charge in 16 hours. Stunning difference. So it looks like there's both a battery problem and an app/software problem affecting many of us.

I just started to have the same extreme battery drain starting on the 30th... it wont charge to 100% and i will be dead before 1pm.. is the only solution the apple store?

My battery will charged to 100%, but everything I preformed a task it drop 1% (talk,text,surf,etc etc). Overnight it drop 3-4%. I have this phone over a month.

I have noticed this aswell. I have a 32 gb iPhone 4 that's about a month and a half old, coincidentally at about the 28th o OCT. I started noticing that the battery drained 1% while doing virtually anything. These tips seemed to help, especially the push. But the life is nowhere near what it was just shy about a month ago. Please post updates of anything that may help

Yes ..... Yes .... Yes!! TOTALLY AGREE.
Battery life is Useless... I don't even use my iphone 4 as a computer... i.e.: internet I use it on a $30 Telstra Plan as a phone ONLY. I have also had TELSTRA bar my wifi so I cannot accidentally get connected ....Have all the APPs OFF .... Have Multi Tasking down to a fine art... as the Apple Support Person told me to do.... AND GUESS WHAT... yes battery life says %100 and after just 5 hours .....Stone DEAD.
Am going to tell Apple I want a REFUND on this piece of equipment as it does NOT perform the basic function for me ... EMERGENCY CALLS TO MY HUSBAND when I am driving the 1.30 hours on the road from our Property to Perth our city.

I have had my phone since the July release and have taken very good care of it fully charging it once it hit 10% battery as it recommends. and this weekend I has just gone all bad, the battery is usually charged at night and once i wake up and 30 mins past im at 70% and i have yet to check mail or send or receive any text messages. this is really frustrating because i restored my phone as well and it continues to have the same problem. I need this to be fixed and fast.

I have the same new problem. It just started over the weekend. My phone battery would easily last a day and a half. Now it won't last a business day. I restored the phone and have the same problem. (I did restore all apps). I guess I will reload as new phone and see if it helps. Has anyone else had success with a 'restore as new' to correct this problem?

Same problem started yesterday after updating my ipod touch with itunes on pc. Usually charge in dock. Drained within hours, not used once.

My iPhone 4 is barely older then a month and a half and even opening this web page just used 1% I liv far away from an Apple store and since they mini sims im going to be left with practically left with no phone.can any one offer a cheaper suggestion to me then hefty apple charges and pretty much turning off all the attractions I bought this phone 4

Hi there,
I had similar problem with draining the battery out. I've tried many thing and find out that switching off 3G actually helped. Now the battery lasts as previously.

Yes, same happens with my Iphone, its just a new one I bought it on 31st Oct, since a couple of days its draining faster then before, 1% per application used for about 2-3 mins, not getting how to fix this prob.I followed each and every suggestion as mentioned above and in Apple Support site, Any more suggestions would be of great help, is the newer version IOS4.2 will help this out, i think it will be released soon .............

Got my iPhone 4 last week and I'm currently experiencing the rapid battery drain. Even in stand by mode the battery life will drop to 20%. That's huge, how much more if i'm going to use it.

Another 'me too' - Just over the last couple of weeks the battery on my iPhone 4 has started draining extremely quickly. It's lasting about half a day now, whereas it used to last well over a day - longer than the 3G I had before. I've not changed my usage patterns and I reboot the phone regularly (it's normally switched off overnight).
I'm on Telstra in Australia and bought the phone in August.
I haven't yet tried any of the suggested fixes on the web.

Update: I fixed my battery drain problem.
I believe the problem was with push email and Microsoft Exchange. After reading various other forums I disabled push for my Exchange account and the battery life is now back to normal - still showing ~75% at the end of the work day after being just less than fully charged this morning. I also deleted Fring in case it was doing something in the background, but I'm almost certain the Exchange email account was the culprit.
Apparently there is a known problem with push email and Exchange on the iPhone where the phone can get into a state where it has one or more stale ActiveSync connections to the Exchange server that it's trying to talk on continually. Disabling push fixes this. If you really want push, deleting and re-creating the Exchange account on the phone also fixes it (until it happens again).

Same story here! I had killer battery life up, fully charged it using BatteryDoctor when it went below 20%, etc. Now my iPhone4 is a giant heating element that sucks battery life and dies in 2-3 hours. What changed? Time change?

Same Story, but I have done everything, reset, restored to factory settings ect, still can watch the battery life drain. Alos its hot.. I have Push off, ecchange off, deleted all eamil accounts and still the battery life is being sucked dry right before my eys, phone is three weeks old, battery life was great until three days ago. They pushed something or its a huge bug that the batteries last three to four weeks and they dont hold a charge........we need help!

Follow up:
I followed BWs advice and it worked like a charm. My old battery life is back!
I simply deleted my Microsoft Exchange account from my iPhone (including contacts, emails and calendar) and recreated it. It took less than 5 minutes to delete the Exchange account, recreate it and have all of the content resynced. I even left the push notifications on.
I'm still wondering what triggered this. It seems to be pretty common.

I must say allof these are common sense but they do not fix the battery drain problem!
Reboot iPhone - 1st thing I tried...didn't help
Redo Push - not even turned on...didn't help
Restore as New iPhone - I started out that way
...didn't help
Maybe a real fix could be found. My battery lasts a
couple hours with no use. Thats just stupid!!!
Any help at allwould be just great.

I've added and readded my exchange account to no avail. Only turning off push helped turn off the battery burn. What the heck can i do to have push back!? I've tried everything even got a new phone. Please help anyone?

I do not use Microsoft exchange or automatic push. At noon today with one call I had 66%. Which I thought odd. One 1/2 hr tele con rhis afternoon. Then went in this evening to put on charge and it was down to10%! No sign of life to phone so am putting on charger and hoping fpr best. Cld it be my first sync caused it? I added music and extra apps.
Calling Applecare tomorrow. Interested in figuring out cause.

In the past, I was impressed with the battery life of my iPhone4, suddenly Nov 20, the battery started draining very rapidly. Last night I took it off the charger at 2:30am, and by 7am it was down to 53% just sitting on the counter while I slept. With everyone else having this issue suddenly, there is defiantly a software/hardware issue that needs to be addressed by Apple. Could this be a virus ?

Was hoping that 4.2 would fix this exchange push drain, but I'm still having it impact me. It's almost instant as soon as I turn push on it sucks the battery down 2% every 30 min or more and the iphone 4 gets very hot!
Not sure if it's my company's problem, because other employees have push on and they don't have the same battery drain issues and neither did i for the past year i've had this account with push on my phone. Anyone know how to fix the push/exchange issues?

I got mine about a month ago. Although, I am not having the issues posted here, I´m still not very happy about battery life. It definitely could be a lot better.
It will last all day, but I have notifications and push set to off, fetch set to manually, auto adjust brightness on, I use Multicleaner (available on Cydia) to actually quit an application, instead of just backgrounding it; at night and whenever I am in a no service area, I turn airplane mode on. That´s all I can remember for now.

me too :S
in fact in the last 10 minutes while on my computer looking up how to fix the issue ive dropped 10 percent, no background apps are running, push etc all off... bah!

iPhone 4 was great for 3 months. Now phone battery dead after 4 hours of only e-mail. Full charge at night and dead by morning. Two colleagues said the same thing. No Apple support. Switching to Samsung so can get support from ATT store.

My phone started having the battery problem on Monday (Dec 13, 2010). I didn't realize until it dies in less than 4 hour after fully charged. My phone was warm (or maybe hot). I tried turning off notifications, removing programs one by one, switching it off and back on, but nothing works. Downloaded battery doctor, but doesn't help (in my case). I was then trying to 'help' drain the battery by playing games (Angry Bird) and my phone suddenly started cooling down. I then charged my phone through the night and it's more than 3 hours and my phone still showing 100% full even with a couple of phone calls this morning.
I believe there was something (run away process) running in the background until I loaded the game. I guess the problem is gone.

I have had my iPhone 4 since this summer and haven't had the slightest problems with battery life until just a few days ago. Maybe around the 14th. I have unloaded some recently loaded apps and rebooted and it is still doing the same thing. It will be fully charged at 8:00 and totally dead by noon. Seems that others are having the same problem. What changed???

I received an iphone4 as my business device on November 1st. I am experiencing drastic battery drain. Usually about 6 hours of life with very modorate use. Push is set to manual and I don't leave anything running in the background. I am also experiencing the trouble connecting to the 3G network. Problem started on 12/26/10. What is different?

I got my iphone4 back in June- about 3 weeks ago apple had to give me a brand new- out of the box iphone4 because my phone app went bad- anyway in the last week or so my battery drains on record speeds. I've dropped 15% in 40 minutes doing what I always do- facebook and texts. It's horrible. Normally I can go the whole day but now I won't even finish half the day. I turned off push and it's slowed down but still draining. Going to delete email now.
I shouldn't have to do this.

Same is true for me. Everything has been working fine up until Dec 26th, 2010. Phone got REALLY hot so I turned it off. Once it cooled, I turned it on and then then encountered the battery issues. Mine drains approx. 10% per hour while sitting on stand by. I've noticed on Airplane mode it returned to the usual behavoir. I've reset the phone - but no luck. Based on suggestion above I've deleted the email acount and will have to report back. Not sure what changed on the 26th, but I've sure noticed alot of us in the same boat?

I am also in same position as Derek. It’s all start happening from December 26. Before that date, everything was fine. I didn’t install anything and never change any setting. My phone is just 2 months old. I love my phone but quick battery drain is driving me crazy. I’ll change my phone if I could not solve that issue. I cannot bear to have dead battery during business day.

Same position since Dec 26th. Battery is empty in less then 8 hours of stand by. Before that date, everything was fine indeed. phone is just couple of months old. Nothing special installed or setting changed, and definitly not in the last few days. Derek / Usman, any luck finding a solution yet?

I recently started having battery drain problems. This has happened before, both on the 3G and now 4. Since the only difference seems to be the updating of various apps, perhaps that is the issue. A developer makes a modification, and suddenly an app stays in the background when before it didn't. I've loaded a couple of system apps to look at background processes; perhaps others will try. Hope we can either track this down, or generate enough data that the almighty APPLE will take us seriously.

All you guys having the battery drain problem can try the following method to avoid the problem if on ios 4.1 or above
Go to Settings click on general tab find network and turn off cellular data & 3G . Might solve your problem . By This you can use the cellular data only when you require it instead of it being continuously used by Ur phone for the processes working in the background. Also always keep data roaming off.
This might help u to overcome the battery drain issues.
if it does do right to me at

I don’t know what the problem was but I figure out to solve the issue. I just install the “RemoveBG” for SBSettings and kill all the process. Since last 18 hours, my battery only drop by 17% which is the best performance since I bought the phone. I also disable the wifi and 3g settings. I think there must be some kind of hidden process which is causing that issue.

it's solved for me. I downloaded an app on iphone4 battery tricks and applied them all: minimize the use of location services, turn down screen brightness, switch push email off, close open apps. Battery is down only 2% overnight! Hope it helps some of you.

I've had my iPhone 4 for less than 2 months and even though I always quickly double click the home button and close out of everything when it pops up my battery is still draining rapidly. I thought that the apps were still running if you close out of them normally and doing the double click home button thing would help but it hasn't. I've turned all my push notifications off so I'm hoping that helps.

Another iPhone 4 here with this problem. It seems to have only surfaced in the last few days - but suddenly after a full night's charge the battery is almost dead in 5-6 hours, regardless of usage. I'll disable push for Exchange to see if it helps. Come on Apple this is obviously a widespread problem, please get it fixed!!

Just this week i've notice a substantial drop in battery life. I've noticed a 20% loss overnight

My iPhone 4 burn battery burn rate is about 9% per hour. This problem only began in the last few days – but suddenly after a full night’s charge the battery is almost dead in 5-6 hours, regardless of usage.

I've got the same problem. It just started mid february. Maybe interesting to see in which serial number ranges the iphone's are for people having this problem. A friend of mine also reported the same problem during this time. Very odd.

HeyG my battery life Is 12 hours using the net listening music YouTube face book my space I check my mail every 15 minutes and my stand by is 1 day 4 hours ,the key is leave your wifi off when you leave turn it in only when you need it do is click the home button and delete all the apps that appear at the bottom and the check you battery life it will be amazing regard Sabien

I have an Iphone4 and the battery has went completely dead, how long does is take for it to charge back up enough to power back on??

This is not good. I am wondering if all the above responses got their phone on June 24th like I did. My phone's battery life has been mysteriouly low the last two days. I have done nothing new, no new apps, check email, twitter, facebook. And I usually use up 50% a day. Today? 75% Is this Apple's plan? The battery only lasts 9 months? Good think it's still under warranty.

I've had a sudden drop in battery life this past week too, with no change in the way I use it. Does anyone know if I restore the phone as a new iphone, will I lose all my contacts in my contact list?
Btw, Jack, I got my phone 1st October 2010 - I've been using it for 5 months.

My iphone 4 just started having the same battery issue last week. No changes on the configuration side. I did have to take it off the charger before it was full one night. Since then battery has only been lasting 6 hours during low usage.

same problem, with exactly the same drain rate. Started this weekend, I'm wondering if it is IOS 4.3 - anyone else relate it to that?

Yeah, I experienced that on iOS 4.3 too. I downgraded to 4.2.1 immediately and the problem got fixed. :)

I'm bout to try this. Me and my boss have the sane phone. He's not a tech guy and hes like why is your screen so dark. I'm like to conserve battery. He never upgrades so he doesnt have the issue of the battery loss. Hopefully downgrade will fix the problem for me too. If not I'll Just re jailbreak it and get the most out of the batt life.

I have an iPod Touch. It used to be that if I put it in standby, the battery would last for days if I didn't mess with it. Now, I pulled it off charge, looked around on the internet for about 5 minutes, put it in standby and went to work. I came home to and almost empty batter! This NEVER used to happen... Please fix it, Apple!

Exactly what mines doing! Even just 5 minutes of casually navigating around my iPod will leave it if not almost, completely dead. Have you found a way to fix it?

I have an Iphone 4. I suddenly started experiencing rapid battery drain. The phone feels almost hot so I know something is running in but couldn't figure out what. A reboot fixed it for now but this does seem to be something that Apple needs to take a look at.

Ditto to all of the above. This week my fully charged Iphone 4 dies in 6 hours. New problem as of this week/weekend! Reboot did nothing, now I'm trying the drain battery completely and then charge completely trick. I also heard network tethering could be the problem but it just ain't the issue for me!

I am writing this from the apple store my battery / iphone has had the same issue, it lost 10% of battery life in 40 mins after haveing them swap out the battery. I am now insisting they swap the phone out and they have. lets see if the phone is the issue.

Did it fix it? I just got clearance to swap phones under warranty for exact reasons cited in this thread (problem started 4 days ago).

I have just got an iphone 4 - battery drained incredibly quickly and then read the above advice about restoring the phone as a new phone and it has transformed battery life and it`s easy to do. I also switched off 3G and an app that searched for my location so it all helped probably - but try the restoring as a new iphone, run the remaining battery right down and then charge for a full 4-5 hours

I have upgraded 4.3 , my iphones battary is dead after 4 hours,THE PHONE IS 6 MONTH OLD,,, (its after full charge), £500 , 24 month contract what a waste, honestly, I loved iphone but relly cant understand ,you want money,,, we r giving HOW MUCH YOU WANT , £500, up front £169 £35 amonth , I ll have heart attack, FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT

Just got an IPhone 4 software version 4.3.1 and does the exact same thing right out the box, setup exchange email and itl just rag its battery to death in under 6 hours and get very hot whilst doing so.
the other guy at work though, same phone, same version, sam exchange server, no problem whatsoever.
and my iphone is fine, as long as there is no mail setup of any kind.
iv tried all the methods online and done a full reset of the phone, not restored and just setup email as a test and it still does the same, so its not me or any third party apps causing it to drain.

Hey everyone, i just picked up the iphone 4, i had a 3g before, and i do the same thing with the iphone 4 as i did with the 3g, and i noticed this battery thing right away, its burining to under halfway and i used it the same amount as the 3g and the 3g i could go w/o charging for days, im going to try these expiriments and see if i get a better result. i check back after

Hay! I've got the exact same problem since 3 days ago!!! I remember the last thing I did was updating the OS on my iPhone!
Now my battery life can only last for 6-7 hours even after I have turned off 3G, Data, Wifi, Bluetooth, push mail, and shut down almost all apps!
Anyone know what's going on?

I live in sweden and went to UK a week ago. I have thesame battery drain in Flight mode. If I charge to 100%, Usage/Standby is thesame and the phone is dead in 6-8 hrs in Flight mode.

Just noticed same issue with my iPhone 4. No changes to apps or mail setup. I did install latest udate. Called Apple and they had me reset the phone along with network settings, then powering it off. Rep indicated if that did not work I would need to restore the phone (Uggh). First PR issue with location tracking, could battery issue be next?

I got my iPhone 4 last Sept 2010, and over the last 2-3 weeks I've noticed that when I have activated the "Cellular Data" feature that enables you to have 3G network access and internet thru the phone, after some minutes, let's say, 10-20 min, the iPhone starts to getting hot and battery is going down very quickly. However, if I disable this feature (Cellular Data) and work thru WI-FI, the iphone stars to cool down and battery last longer.......any comments or reason why this is happening when using 3G internet cellular????

I have the verizon iphone 4. Got it in February. This exact problem started 3 days ago. I was getting about 5 hours of battery life, regardless of usage. I found this article and had to Restore as a new phone. IT WORKED. Battery life is back to normal. It was a pain getting all my apps back and putting the photos, data, and settings back into the phone.

I have just noticed the issue in the last two days, and realised I have IOS 4.3 after reading this post. Did anyone who downgraded find there battery life returned to normal?

Well so far Reboot iPhone solution seems to be working for me. If I don't repost, that will mean that it has been a couple of days and no re-occurance of the issue.

It all doesnt last. i tried it all, it resurface after 3 days top. any idea how to fix it ?

I just bought my new iPhone 4 less than a month ago and the battery life is terrible. I even put all the settings exactly how I had on iPhone 3 and still nothing. Last thursday I lost the 3G connection while out and about and I called my carrier who "fixed" it. But I'm begining to think that it's the phone itself, I'm going back and will try to get them to either change the phone or give me my money back and forget the extra 2 year contract!...not worth it!!!

Two months on I Phone. Everything fine. Then push notification for e-maisl from work exchange stopped. Work did a reboot of their system. Now I phone battery only lasts about 3 to 4 hours even with no useage. . Called Apple. They are sending me a new phone (well refurbished ) phone since still under warranty but for some reason I am not optimistic. Their tier two person said they were not running into this problem, but since this probem is all over the web I find that to be an amazing statment. Said because I had it for more than 14 days can not exchange at Verizon or Apple store. Bad service and this is a glitch on their part. First Apple phone. Switched from Palm. Starting to feel sorry.

For some reason my phone is dropping a % every few minutes... I had gone and "shut down" the apps.. but have now tried a reboot (as I rarely do that). Fingers crossed that's the issue. Such a pain that its 6pm and I only have 30% battery left on my iphone 4 :(

I have suddenly found that my iphone 4 is now ( for some unknown reason) losing a percentage of battery life every 6-20 minutes! Even is sleep mode, its churning through the battery. I have turned off all applications running in the background and tried to reboot the device to no avail. Not sure what to do now. A fully charged battery is lasting me around 6 hours if that and that is without making any calls or surfing the web.

I was having the same problem in Austria & Germany which I'm just home from! Now at home the problem has disappeared!! I'm therefore assuming its somehow connected to the charging I carried out using an adapter I purchased in Innsbruck - why I have no idea (assuming there is a link). What else could cause this - I was even using the phone less when away, with only the Carrier Service enabled and all other linkages (Mobile Data, 3G, etc) disabled. What else could be causing it!!!!!. PJC

I just got the new iphone, and the battery issue was as soon as I charged it. Went back to Verizon, changed the phone and same issue. I just did a reset back to the factory setting and I think it may be better now. However, just to test it, I did not add e-mail account yet, twitter, or other program. But before the reset, after a charge, it would start to drop within a few mins. Hope this helps.

how much did it drop? i don't use it a lot or watch movies. i've adjusted the locations settings OFF and push notifications to just 5 or so. i just have the email and facebook, espn, groupon, ebay, hawaii news on alerts only. i do listen to podcasts when driving but not very long. i began my day on a full charge at 6:30 am and it is now 7:00 pm and i am currently at 37%. is this normal?

I have also noticed a sudden drop in battery life and am asking myself if this is to do with the length of time I have had the iphone 4 as it is almost a year since I brought it. The problem has not occured due to useage but rather some other issue. I actually have no clue as to why it has started to drop by a percent a min. I'm taking it back top apple.

I just want to say I didn't have this problem until I installed vtok. And skype for iPhone. Then my battery started dying within 6 hours. Disabling skype and vtok from running in the background helped.

What a waste of time and money. The iphone4s is nothing but hype. Nothing but problems . Going to return it and NEVER buy another useless apple product.

Thanks for some other informative site. Where else may I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I've a project that I am simply now running on, and I've been at the glance out for such info.