Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad shown off on video

Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad shown off on video

pod2g of the Chronic Dev Team just teased an untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak for iPhone (and we presume iPod touch and iPad) on Twitter:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5qNray7FHU < I really don't know what's funny about this. You do ?

The video shows an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1 in all its untethered glory. Apparently this might be coming soon in greenpois0n update though whether or not they'll use it now or save it for when Apple releases iOS 4.3 is unknown. (If they use it now, Apple could patch it in iOS 4.3 and they'll have to come up with yet another Jailbreak).

What do you say, you want iOS 4.2.1 untethered now, now, now or would you prefer them to play it safe so you can quickly untether iOS 4.3 in February or March? Video after the break!


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Reader comments

Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad shown off on video


Seriously??? Now? Wow...you guys are pathetic, and then you'll just whine when 4.3 comes out and patches this, and you can't jailbreak...

What a brilliant impression of an Internet stereotype you do, there, Anonymous.
Look, it's been a long wait for iPad owners who have been waiting for "multitasking" for a longer time than the rest. And no, Cydia's offerings aren't quite the same,

i agree with jtr. the cat has has the ball for too long and it is time the mouse took it away. since guesters are not coming ti 4.3, release it and be done.

I see it the same as the guys above... the JB has been slow to release. My iPhone has a JB but I have had my iPad for two months and have not been able to JB.

This is a hard call. I want it now -- really bad -- but also waiting is a good move on the flip side.. Bah I want just it now!!

I wish I could update to 4.2, but I also wish I knew when 4.3 was coming. If it isn't until May or June then I want my 4.2 JB now!!

Wait for 4.3. I'm still jailbroken on 4.1 and 4.2.1 don't have much to offer so I rather wait for untethered 4.3 and skip 4.2.1 altogether. Also, we've waited this long what's another 2-3 months?

Well, of course you don't mind waiting if you are already jailbroken on 4.1. But what about all of us that just bought a new iPod or iPhone. We're already on 4.21 and are out of luck for an untethered jailbreak.

Tethered jailbreak isn't all that bad and I actually thought I'd hate it but have yet to reboot. Respring,yes, but I'll definitely wait for the new firmware jailbreak.

Wait, we don't want the cat to get one up on the mouse and devour the mouse (jailbreak). With any luck Apple will learn from Microsoft and maybe Motorola and try to co-operate with hackers (jailbreakers) and benefit Apple and us, their customers.

Just wait, they devs do enough free work for all of us and everyones going to want a 4.3 jb right when it comes out which will be within a month of this jb

Uses the same JB hole, which GeoHot discovered and Chronic stole and classed as their own, but it needs a hack to make it untethered, which apple patched

Apple will wait for them to release it before they release 4.3, so by Chronic not releasing it it's holding up 4.3. Apple have the high ground, they own the software.
They should release it.

Noooo we need this exploit used now to untether 4.2.1! Weren't we "promised" this capability by comex himself via twitter shortly before Christmas?

Sorry, what happened to that redsn0w that reached beta5 before I stopped hearing about it, completely? I do believe I am confused.

dont wait , release it now.......... remember that @comex also has a way to untether so why not get the best of both worlds

Release now. This will carry all to 5.0. No need to wait for 3.0 with ios 5 being only a month or two later.
Working for free is the problem. They should charge us for this and then they will work quicker.
I'm not pushy, but strategecially it does not make sense based in what has been said.

Wait. More is gained by having an immediate jailbreak for any version. Besides, we've already waited this long and if you MUST jailbreak, just use the tethered one for now.

What WE want is not so relevant. It is up to the people who are doing all these nice and shiny codes. It has to fit their schedules too you know. Thanks to all the guys who makes this possible - this includes Apple ;) Can't wait to get the new I's

I'm getting a Verizon iPhone (already have on "The DarkSide" but I'm wondering if this will work for the new one. I have a ton of JB apps and mods and I want to be able to use them all! JBing is the only thing that made life on AT&T worth living!! I don't want to be without it on Verizon! Will the Verizon iPhones require a totally different jailbreak?

Won't matter for me until an unlock is released, which won't happen until 4.3/4.2.5 anyway...so, I say just wait.

Definitely wait.
I was on 4.1 and unfortunately had to restore to 4.2.1. Didnt have SHSH blobs.
I've had this un-jailbroken iphone for 2weeks and i really do want the jailbreak but i would MUCH rather wait for 4.3 release.
Its one wait for the latest jailbreak or another LOOOONG wait for another jailbreak.
Be wise and wait!

i wouldnt mind having the untethered for 4.2.1 because it took this long and we still didnt get an untethered option yet. If we are going to wait for the 4.3 jailbreak, how much longer would that take? I wouldnt doubt if there is a 4.3.5 or something comes out by then.

It doesn't matter what any of us say we want. The reality of it is, we're all going to wait. It's their decision. Lets be grateful the developers take their time to find these exploits and publish the jailbreaks for us. The second 4.3 is launched we'll want that and want it jailbroken...why?...because we're a bunch of ungrateful idiots. I'm good on my 4.1 untethered until the 4.3 untethered comes out. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GROUNDBREAKING ON 4.2.1
and to daniel who thinks that Apple is waiting to release 4.3 until the jailbreak is released. Are you kidding me? really? Apple, a multi-billion dollar corporation is waiting on a jailbreak?. They don't care if our phones are jailbroken or not they only care if you buy more apple products. Apple will release 4.3 as per their schedule without a doubt. They've announced features...their stocks are falling due to uncle stevey being sick they won't put any more "stress" on their consumers.

I would normally say wait for 4.3, but I'm going to Sweden next week and I need my unlock so badly. I had to restore my phone in Nov and I've been missing my jailbreak and unlock very much.

The business student in me says wait! Long-term gain is better than short-term fun. However, the new iphone owner that has never been able to jailbreak in me wants it YESTERDAY, YESTERDAY, YESTERDAY!!!!

"Let's just wait and release it when 4.3 comes out." "OK, 4.3 is out. Yeah, but they're gonna release 5.0 in June, so let's just wait..."

Exactly, you get it as well, why not just wait for iOS 20! It's a never ending game, always waiting to do something because of something that might happen in the future is stupid. It's like never buying a new car because next year there will be a newer one, or the year after that.

How can anyone be sure the un-tethered exploit isn't already patched in 4.3? Can it be tested?
I still say wait ....but 4.1 is getting old now.

Oh my God, look at these comments, i think it is really the evident that Apple is always maintain its securities for their costumers, that's why i love Apple.
But seriously though, i'm waiting for the untethered for 4.2, but It's fine if it have to lounch after 4.3 so the 4.3 still have the ability to exploit the hole.

It gets a little annoying when a mixed audience of iPad and non-iPad users respond to these types of topics.
In this case, iPhone owners who have had "multitasking" AND jailbreaking say "What's the big deal," while we iPad owners consider it a very big deal...for the most part.
I'm not saying it's time to split off the blog, but the iPhoney-ness gets a little old sometimes. And maybe vice versa.

Release it. Like Apple doesn't realize whats going on. If I were them and read threads like this I would change it anyway. By waiting for 4.3, it does not guarantee the JB will work right away.

You know what really made me turn the corner on Geohot vs. the Dev Team? Geohot doesn't say what he CAN do, doesn't usually post videos about things he has but isn't going to actually release. He just is an butthole, and produces results. Or doesn't. He's like Apple.

If we keep waiting for the next OS release we'll never see another JB, it's been 2 months since 4.2 came out, what makes anybody think it won't take that long or longer to JB 4.3? And then when they get close to a 4.3 JB people will say they should wait for 4.4 or 5.0, etc, etc.
It's not like there's anything worth waiting for in 4.3 anyways, people need to stop living for the future, they should release it when it's ready, period.

If they don't release 4.2.1, Apple will put out 4.3 and it'll be different enough that they'll have to start from square one. There's no telling if Apple patches their hole without them knowing. Why risk it?
We'll just find ourselves back to the same place months later having the dev team timid and unwilling to release anything as 4.4 nears release.

As a tethered iPad user i want the untethered jailbreak asap. I think that if they release this it might make it harder for us to jailbreak 4.3 but it will make 5.0 easier since the jailbreakers will have a head start on the 5.0 game. Let's let our "queen" get captured right now so we can get the checkmate out by 5.0 folks. I think the right move is for us to force apple to close the hole we have to exploit so that by the time 5.0 comes out we have a good day 1 solution.
Why should we add a jailbreak now? IPAD. We need that included now so devs can work with the device untethered. It makes sense to get a leg up in that area asap.
Just waiting will probably get the hole closed anyway, and we will have invested our work on a dead end. Just my thinking.

If they wait, they'll catch apple by surprise and it would take them a while to patch, so I say wait.

iPad user here.. do it now.. I just want to untether my jailbreak. I will just wait to upgrade to 4.3 til its untethered.

The redsnow beta untethetered jb is really a piece of cake. It is super easy (as long as you have the Cydia hashes.

I don't own a Mac but I was able to setup Mac OSX in a vmware workstation in Windows 7 and then I did the untethered 421 jb using redsn0w .9.7b6 for my iphone 4.

Hold on to it until 4.3. We've waited this long, so another few weeks won't kill anyone.

the Carier says Bouygues Telecom 9.0 (French-Belguim Carrier), but, how they load Cydia with: No SIM and no Wi-Fi signal apparent @ SatusBar and Network Not Available???

Its not the waiting that bothers me. There was nothing in 4.2 I really needed. What finally forced me to update and lose my JB is when new apps come out that I want and they only work on the new firmware. This happened most recently with FaceTime and slingplayer. Unless i updated to 4.2 I could not FaceTime an iPod touch or a Mac. And the new slingplayer for IPAD app only worked on 4.2. It's never the OS features that push me to update and lose my JB.... It's the apps.... So i say release the new JB now. Who knows when 4.3 is going to come out anyway. It may be only for Verizon iPhones at first..... Who knows

The only reason this JB isnt out is because the WiFi signal bars dont show even tho its connected to WiFi. Shouldnt be hard for the professionals to work it out tho.

Release it. We can wait forever for the next iOS update. When 4.3 comes out why not wait for 4.3.1 and the 5.0, etc. there is always a next version

Hold off on the jail break until 4.3 then we can jail break and use the Mobile Hot Spot without ATT sticking it to us.

I believe the JB is needed now. It'll ease the frustration of many iPhone 4.1 & 3G. I have a iPhone 4 but must wait. So using the 3G upgrade is going to be a plus

I am actually an IT technitian with some programming skill (not a ton and not part of the dev team or anyone else that is creating these jailbreaks for us). I personally think that the dev team should wait because the release of 4.3 is eminent. Depending on what the exploit is, it could very easily be closed up by apple developers in a matter of a week. If they wait to release, instead of having a week of us on the latest firmware and being JB, we will wait for a month or so and the have the ability to reign with the latest firmware completely JB!
In a nutshell, you dont you a rifle to kill a fly, use a fly swatter and then when the big game comes out, break out the big guns. This will give us the upper hand with apple.