Untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak shown on video

Jailbreakers have been patiently waiting for an easier jailbreak option on iOS 4.3. We are already aware there are working exploits but no easy process has been released. Now it appears iOS developer Stefan Esser is showing off a working iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak on video. For the demo, he used an iPod Touch fourth gen.

Don't get your hopes up too high as he doesn't plan to release it any time soon, if at all. He has stated before he has no intention of releasing a jailbreak tool but that he would offer up an untether solution. This may even be possible via a Cydia package. Hit the jump for a video of the jailbreak in action!

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Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

iMarksy says:

Jailbreaking doesn't occur to me when the iPad has a 10 hour battery. It will slow it down and decrease the battery quicker

cyberbob says:

Really. Based on what data?

Elijah says:

This is simply not true... My iPad is jail broken, and it currently has 28 hours of standby time with 12 hours of usage, while still at 38% of it's charge. No need to make statements like that when you have nothing to back it up with....

GinoFromTheBronx says:

You're wrong Jerry Springer.. Jailbreaking doesn't decrease battery life unless you go crazy and download potential extensions that involve backgrounding behind what you can see on your phone. Very unlikely however.

lcargile says:

Wow...what an idiot.(1337 that is.)

toast says:

via Cydia package. don't you have to be jailbroken to have Cydia?? am i missing something?

Brian says:

You can already be jailbroken on iOS 4.3 but tethered. So, if your phone is on and already jailbroken downloading an application from cydia will be a breeze :-)

BLiNK says:

nice! looking forward to a REAL jailbreak. anything sn0wbreeze has to offer is simply garbage

Eagleyesmith says:

(Sigh). Still patiently waiting. :-(
I'm looking forward to this update. (personal hotspot, and safari improvements)
I also heard that they have some homebutton bug fixes in this one. I'll be set with the new update and the improvements to Cydia as well. I'm passing on the iPhone 5, and I'm not upgrading to iOS 5 until all the bugs get ironed out & it's jailbroken. So yea, iOS 4.3.1 FTW.

jdavis530 says:

If someone creates a jailbreak and has no intentions of releasing it, then why make a video? Just to tease us all and rub it in?

HungWell says:

Let me be the first to say it- he's a douche bag.

Jon says:

Probably because it's a fake, otherwise he would give a reason why he's not releasing it, like "waiting for next firmware" or "don't want to burn the exploit" or something...

iBlackdude says:

+2. What a douche bag. I'm stucked on 4.1 I wanna update sooooooooooo bad, just to have DJAY app. I don't understand why the req to have that app is 4.2

Slimsal says:

Why don't you jailbreak to 4.2.1 untethered. The Djay app is really nice...

buci1er says:

Maybe he will release it. Either way that's his prerogative. He can do what he wants with it...whether we like it or not...unfortunately

Brad says:

so stefan is kind of a weird dude. after viewing this preview i was left with a pointless feeling. also, since when are the 4.3 multi touch gestures available for anything other than the ipad?

Yova says:

That's true, even in my beta days as a developer on 4.3 I did not see any multi-gestures for the iPhone 4.

Matt Hall says:

I have multi touch gestures on my jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3. They are standardly enabled with sn0wbreeze and completely pointless, I might add. Not enough real estate.

Brad says:

i wouldn't think so, really rad on the iPad though. are you running the tethered jailbreak?

Matt Hall says:

yeah its tethered. Not really a big deal if you use your head, plan ahead, and don't run into unexpected problems. With the updated mobile substrate it works pretty well... almost everything works. Bite SMS has a keyboard bug... no dock mods work.

r5ty says:

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Xmen says:

This is still tethered jailbreak. All he need to do is to develop a program to simulate the "slice to power off" and starting screen, then quit and return to the lock screen. There is no actual restart here

natefish says:

Can that be done? That would be awesome if it could be. Is that how other untethered JB's have been done in the past? I really don't know.

parabel says:

You all don't get it - read the description on YouTube! He doesn't plan on releasing a Jailbreak tool because he has no Jailbreak exploit! What he has is an untether solution, which he indeed plans to release. He used Sn0wbreeze for the Jailbreak, no "secret" or "private" solution. Stop insulting the man, it's very rude!

parabel says:

To be fair, the blog post itself is a bit misleading.

natefish says:

The blog post pretty much says he has a solution, which implies he knows the exploit...but the video says he doesn't know an exploit. Very confusing.