Untethered jailbreak may be fully patched in iOS 5

Prominent iPhone hacker i0n1c revealed in a tweet yesterday that the untethered jailbreak he created has been fixed in iOS 5.

R.I.P. – I just heard Apple killed the ndrv_setspec() integeroverflow and his friends in iOS 5.0b1 – if this is true the untether is dead

It was discovered yesterday that the tethered jailbreak in limera1n worked perfectly in iOS 5 with Cydia running smoothly, but for those hoping the untether from i0n1c would work, it looks like those dreams have been put to rest.

This doesn't mean another untethered jailbreak won't be discovered, although the jailbreak community most likely wouldn't release it until the iPhone 5 is available to prevent Apple from finding the exploit and patching it at the hardware level.

Would you be open to using a tethered jailbreak with iOS 5 or would you stick with iOS 4 until an untethered jailbreak is available?

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Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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Reader comments

Untethered jailbreak may be fully patched in iOS 5


Ugh...since my iPhone is so critical for my business needs, tethered is still too much of a pain for me to deal with.
Hope an untethered JB arrives once 5.0 releases!

HAHAHAHA, I am glad they owned them. It takes them forever to get it working again with a new exploit and unlocking the SIM with base band has been epic fail for almost 9 months. They need to find a way to ban j/b users that use iCloud. The tears and PR would be epic.

if it has to be tethered to be jailbroken...not a good sign for a lot of jailbreakers! To much hassle! But the JB community is pretty awesome, I'm sure they will find something eventually!

I find it ironic that Apple poaches ideas from the JB community and hires jailbreak developers all while adamantly trying to make jailbreaking non-existent.

It's not really ironic at all that Apple would poach ideas and developers from people working in a quasi-legitimate market involving their product while also attempting to squash that market. In fact, it's the literal opposite of irony.

You must have failed 9th grade English; irony: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.
I'm not going to go into the specifics but trust me, it works.

No, I absolutely expect that a company would take good ideas and poach talented individuals from it's rival. This is the opposite of irony.
Maybe you should read more thoroughly before slinging insults.

it's a bad thing for Apple to implement the best ideas no matter where they come from at the same time they attempt to secure their device from hackers?
you'd be more up in arms if you had a rootkit loaded on your PC. which is basically what jailbreaking does.

I gotta say it might be a lot of things. But it's not ironic.
Douchebaggery, yes. Ironic, no.
I think apple has done right in hiring the lockinfo guy (his name escapes me). And hopefully this becomes a trend; hire the JB developers who come out with the best tweaks. Plus with iOS 5, they implemented a ton of JB features, such as a dedicated camera button, wifi sync, lockinfo, APIs for usage of the LED, ect. Who knows if they ripped off, excuse me, reverse engineered some of the code from the JB community. And in fact, they ARE trying to make JB nonexistent, or rather, the NEED for a JB. And if you think about it, or research it, apple hasn't patched the unnamed exploit yet, so really, how are they trying to kill it? I think they are giving up on trying to patch every little exploit that the JB'ers come up with and that's why we will now have ota software updates.
I'm not trying to be a dbag, I'm just trying to help you understand there is

They can't patch the exploit as it's a bootrom exploit, that will be there in every ios until they bring out the new hardware but tbh I don't get why they would try to do away with jailbreaking, who will they get their ideas from for future firmwares without the devs in the jailbreak scene lol but I honestly can't see it stopping, it's been evident in every ios so far so to assume they can magically secure their ios from jailbreaking now isn't plausable.
Hopefully by the time the final ios 5 is released we won't have to wait long for a jailbreak solution, untethered of course.

any jailbreak would do for me as I use many jb features consistently. Since I'm on the beta now...a jb made available now would be perfect!!!

You can hardly blame Apple for wanting to close the exploits that JB uses ... by definition you're causing the OS to do something outside its defined boundaries so more in the of the JB's that could be done on a website thats pretty bad and could cause hacking issues for Apple.
I also thought the JB teams had the SH4tter exploit which they'd never used yet as their fall-back exploit.
I'm sure assuming the hackers maintain the will to do the extreme amounts of code mining it takes to find exploits they will produce a new one ... just might be that long wait like it has before.
I for one aren't bothered Apple steals JB solutions .... i think its smart to hire the likes of the MobileNotifier dev ... since he's worked on the non-public API's and done a deep-level integration into the OS he's ideal to port that into the official framework more than iOS AppStore dev's ... makes perfect sense to me

My computer is doa so a tethered jailbreak would render my iPhone useless if I let the battery die. As it is my 3GS battery dies twice a day on full charge, so I'd stick with the untethered 4.x until a proper 5.x jb presents itself.

Jose, try using auto3g if you have a jailbroken phone now. You can get it through cydia, it shuts the 3g off everytime you lock your phone, which in turn really saves some batery life.

@Jamie agreed. not only that, it's an exploit! malicious hackers can use this as well to gain access to our precious information. i stopped JBing when the i4 came out because JBing brought a lot of issues on my 3GS and other devices.
Also... Apple has to do this. They want to protect their devs that only have their app in the app store. Also protecting carriers (I know y'all hate this) as this gives people the option to bypass the tethering plans at&t offers.
I have no beef with Apple for patching it and not because I don't JB.

Who cares, Stock iOS has come such a long way there is no need to jailbreak. Get a life and move on. Let the slaming begin :)

Sarcastic responses work better when your grammar is correct so you don't look like an idiot.

Un-tethered or no JB. I wouldn't give up my 4.3.3 JB on the iPhone 4 device, but with a new phone, well probably.

Stock would be ok if you could modify things within PrivateFrameworks and Springboard app without jailbreaking, the main thing I jailbreak for is springtomize and that's only because i'm super anal about not having my networks name plastered in the status bar lol, it would be nice if apple allowed you to disable status bar icons from within the ios.

I have gone Team Pure recently and I must say that I will probably not go back to JB. At least not after iOS 5. Having been running on iOS 5 for the last 2 days. It's amazing. It provides me with all the features of LockInfo that I needed. I am able to have, almost, all the same apps and functions (although I had to cough up a couple of dollars) that I did with JB. There are only 2 things that I will miss by not being JB. 1- My3G :) No more facetime outside a wifi zone. 2- Themes. I wish Apple would allow for sometime of icon skins cause the stock icons are just not "magical" enough for me. But there are plenty of upsides. 1- Battery last much longer. 2- No random crashes or freezing. 3- OS runs much smoother and faster. 4- Can take advantage of the latest updates. 5- Can take advantage of customer service if I have issues. (I would hate to go in for anything, and thus didn't as it required me to un-JB and then re-JB)
So I can live without My3G. But I do hope that Apple will eventually (sooner then later would be nice) allow for skinning the app icons. But it's team pure from here out.

Completely agree. I'm on the beta now, and I'm going to stick with it. With the new features, the only things I'll really miss are My3G and MyWi.

From what I have seen of iOS 5 it has nearly everything I jailbreak for. But I still need SBSettings and iBlacklist, so I'll wait.

BiteSMS is nice but not necessary to me as I'm not a heavy texter. I do like it, heck I even paid for it because I hate ads, but it's not a deal breaker for me. On the other hand, people I know who text a whole lot would probably not want to be without it. I could even probably live without iBlacklist though manually dismissing calls would be a hassle, but SBSettings is a must! I travel out of 3G coverage daily and I hate digging through menus!

JB Community isn't going to spoil their work before new iPhone released with final iOS 5. That is for sure. We must consider the fact that if it's harder to hack the iOS, the more JB team will had fun with it. Especialy when they success on finding that hole. It's just a game as long it's not a crime.

Thank you for clarifying that untethered jailbreak is not dead just that this one is patch because other sites would have you think that untethered jailbreakes are dead for ever and were all doomed.

I have no problem using an untethered jailbreak. Once you have everything set up its not all that hard to manage.

i'm confused. if ios 5 no longer requires a computer/itunes for syncing/activation, i.e. the cord has been cut, what is the difference between a tethered and an untethered jb?

The same as before I assume as the software required to boot it up in tethered runs on the pc or mac so you would still need the phone connected tot he comp.

A tethered jailbreak means that every time that your iDevice is turned off (battery runs out, reboot, etc.) that you have to connect to a computer to start up.
Untethered means that you can reboot with no issues.

I have all the faith in the world the fine wonderful folks who have been creating the jailbreaks will find a new way around this. If I were a "hacker", I would take this as a new welcoming challenge.

With iOS 5 I don't need jb any longer - what I want is carrier unlock to avoid AT&T's outrageous pricing when I travel overseas.

@joe_taku & @allison
Most jailbreak methods require a tether (USB connection to computer) initially to install the software and apply the jailbreak. A tethered jailbreak requires this connection each time the device reboots, while an untethered jb only requires it initially. An untethered device will not boot without the USB connection. Cloud activation and sync are features unrelated to untethered/tethered jb.

@Jose when you say "each time the device reboots" does that include respringing? Or is it just a full reboot? Sorry, I'm new to jailbreaking. I rarely do a full reboot, so if that's the only thing that requires a USB hookup, I may be fine with it.

ota updates dor ios will be the end of jailbreak for ios devices.. it will be much easier for apple to updte their devices due to the limited number of hardware they need to address.. whats to stop apple from outting out fixes the day after a jailbreak is discovered.. not to mention update their already seen jailbreak detection methods.. resistance is futile..

No - OTA doesn't kill anything. Just disable it, as the jailbreak will no doubt do automatically.

So far, I am having less and less reasons to JB. Used to be Jailbroken because my carrier did not offer Personal Hotspot. They began offering last week, so I have no reason to keep my iPhone Jailbroken. I am back to #TeamPure unless the community gives me a compelling reason to go back to JB.

Does anyone know if ios5 allows for multiple email signatures? I currently use mail enhancer which is great. I can certainly do without some of the tweaks but I need multiple signatures for multiple business and accounts.

I NEED mywi, wifi iPad is way less convenient without it. And I refuse to give up my unlimited 3G

I haven't decided yet, there are things i would miss from my Jailbreak (SB Settings, Bite SMS, My Wi, 3G unrestrictor)But I don't know if i would be patient enough to wait to update. I would probably update and then re jailbreak once a untethered comes along again, By then most of the Cydia Packages would hopefully be updated to actually work on iOS 5.

Oh really?
Maybe that's your own reason. We JBing because we want to put themes on our device, make a quick reply, or even have fun with springboard icon. Can u do that with Stock iOS 5?

That is such B.S. 90% of the people I personally know that have jailbroken iPhones do not have pirated apps. I JB for features like sbsettings, snapflash, biteSMS with quick reply, etc... features that I feel should be integrated into the OS but aren't.

Tethered is not a huge deal to me; I almost never restart my iPhone anyways. I would go to iOS 5 tethered immediately

@Dave you can still respring a tethered jb device without the need to tether again, but some packages require a full reboot. Careful to make sure you're near a computer to re-apply the jb for those instances.

No jailbreak = No update to IOS 5 , i will stick with IOS4 until such time as a jailbreak is released, Apple are a fantastic company with fantastic iconic products but they need to give there customers the freedom to fully utilize their devices, not everyone wants jailbreaks for unethical reasons....
In the long term unless they understand the value the jailbreaking community has added to their business in terms of Units sold that would otherwise not have been, they will be handing customers over to the android community as each release of android improves.
I have used Iphone since the Iphone 1 was released and as long as i am able to Jailbreak will continue to use Iphone 4, 5 or 100 but if they dont relalize our value Android handsets are getting better all the time, Apple please wake up you are no longer the only Kid on the block.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the third generation ipad! Now to see how long it will take to be offered on Amazon so I can use my gift card balance to buy it! can I wait that long?