WhatsApp down, slow, or inconsistent for you? You're not alone!

WhatsApp down, slow, or inconsistent for you? You're not alone!

WhatsApp, the cross-platform instant messaging service recently acquired by Facebook for $16+ billion, seems to be having some trouble this morning. We're getting multiple reports of it simply not working, the send button being grayed out, messages sending slowly, or it working sometimes but not others. In other words, of WhatsApp being a bag of frustration today.

Even if WhatsApp Messenger is your favorite, there are a ton of WhatsApp alternatives you can use in case of emergency, or just to stay connected, including Apple's own iMessage.

If you're experiencing any problems with WhatsApp today let us know where you are, when it stopped working, and when it starts working again.

Rene Ritchie

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evov5 says:

Having problems in the UK,just comes up connecting but never connects!

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CFalcao says:

In Brazil, no problems so far


I like SMS but others I use is google talk.

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vishalsheth83 says:

BBM is working amazingly!

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evov5 says:

Working 100% now

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swnig says:

Had problems in India too. That was last evening.

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Jonathantantw says:

In Singapore. Yesterday night 7pm till 9pm

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jamesandrew684 says:

Couple of months back i had a problem of sending photos and videos. Its obviously after facebook's acquisition.

Shweta Parmar says:

Thanks but I think this method is more nice which you gave just now.

nilanjan87 says:

Im in india, from last two months downloading video in whatsapp is very slow,a 5mb video is taking more than 30 minutes to download whether im connected to 3G of wifi.

fjoanne says:

Thank for this post, whatsapp is to slow when you use video, but it's fast on ipad