Winterboard now compatible for iOS 5 [jailbreak]

If you are currently jailbroken on iOS 5 you can now return to skinning and theming your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your heart's content -- Saurik's most recent update to Winterboard (0.9.3901) adds iOS 5 compatibility.

Although Winterboard is now compatible with iOS 5 it still isn't safe to assume that all themes and skins are. As always, make sure you're reading the descriptions carefully. In most cases themes just don't apply properly if they haven't been made compatible but it's still good to check.

Anyone found any awesome themes that work with iOS 5 they want to recommend? Let us know!

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Winterboard now compatible for iOS 5 [jailbreak]


@Petzfla Actually, Allyson posts, amongst other topics, about the Jailbreak community. It's befitting since Winterboard is one of the most popular Jailbreak tweaks. Go troll somewhere else, fool.

ALERT: The Copyright Office is getting ready to reconsider whether to keep the jailbreak exemption to the DMCA. Every three years, the current DMCA exemptions get re-scrutinized, and the Copyright Office is going to start receiving comments again in November. So, if you value your right to jailbreak or unlock your phone, make sure the Copyright Office knows before the window closes.

Allyson ...... Thanks for the heads up on Winterboard... I've been waiting on this update. I upgraded to IOS 5 and after having issues with winterboard, and the iphone just looking to plain for me..... I downgraded back to 4.3.5 (hate the tethered version SIGH).
I'm defintely interested on some nice IOS 5 themes for when I upgrade... any links you come across that have these please don't hesitate to update this post please. I'm currently using NoName HD theme which is great and Blaze HD is also a great theme.... again these are running great on 4.3.5 but I'll have to try them on IOS 5 when I go back to it.
I'm still waiting on a couple more tweaks (such as Tlert & shrink app) to become compatible with IOS 5 and bug free before I upgrade, unless we get the Untethered for IOS 5... That would force me to update regardless :D Any word on untethered for IOS 5 yet as for release date?

Yeah I miss those, but I miss my3G and 3G Unrestrictor more. Even with more bandwidth YouTube is ugly when on 3G, and it is so pristine on wi-fi that is slower than 3G. Like in McDonalds.