Worms 3 now available as an iOS exclusive

Worms 3 now available as an iOS exclusive

The worms are back in Worms 3 with lots of weapons and new challenges for you to work your way through. Your team of worms will have to battle enemies in order to advance using bazookas and all kinds of other weapons. You can pick it up now as a universal download for both iPhone and iPad.

Worms 3 was created as an exclusive to iOS which means the controls were made specifically for iPhone and iPad play. From moving around to firing weapons, the touch screen controls look and work great.

Along with old favorite weapons, there are new additions as well. New game play modes are available but some will need to be unlocked through game play. If you happen to pick up Worms 3, let us know what you think!

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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JNCOMAN1636 says:

They need to make this games Cheaper !!!

ACAS14 says:

I just bought this game yesterday, and I thought it was fantastic, including the return of forgotten weapons, I'm pleased that this is the best addition to the Worms series.

damenace says:

Awesome! Love the worms series!

Debbie Bestwick says:

Thanks everyone were working hard to give a console experience on phones and tablets and I'm afraid it doesn't come for free or $1. Unless you want us to go free to play and charge for in apps which I hate.

Alexis Fernandes says:

I still do not understand why Worms 3 should be released later than Worms 4, or to better say "Worms 4: Mayhem", but ok.

Philip Garcia1 says:

Will Worms 3 be coming to the android soon?