Never miss another birthday or anniversary with Yearly for iPhone

Never miss another birthday or anniversary with Yearly for iPhone

Yearly is an iPhone app that pulls the birthday and anniversary information stored in your Contacts and displays them in a nice chronological list so you can keep track of which of these important dates are coming up next. When your friend's birthday arrives, Yearly will send you a notification and you can quickly text, email, or call from within the app.

Since Apple's built-in Contacts and Calendar apps support birthdays, you may be wondering the point of an app like Yearly. With the beautiful list that Yearly generates, it's really easy to keep track of who's birthday or anniversary is next in line and plan accordingly. You can also set it up to send you a notification 1-14 days before the events so that you are reminded if you want to buy a gift. Yearly has also implemented some nice gestures so that sending a Happy Birthday text is just a quick swipe away.

Tapping on a contact will bring you to a stripped down version of the info you'd find in the Contacts app. In nice big letters, Yearly tells you how old the person will turn on his or her next birthday and you'll also find any notes you've stored for that contact, their phone number and email address. One piece of information that you find in Yearly but not Contacts is your friend's zodiac sign.

Yearly may be duplicating some functionality of Apple's built-in apps, but it's focusing on a single function -- keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries -- and it does beautifully. The removal of unrelated information and the gorgeous UI is what makes Yearly a desirable app.

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Freiteez says:

How does this compare to Gift Plan? I think you reviewed that a year or so ago haha.

Leanna Lofte says:

Gift plan is totally different and has a different purpose. This app is just to remind you about birthdays and anniversaries and is a quick reference to these dates. Gift Plan is to help brainstorm gift ideas and keep track of what you bought as gifts and how much money you've spent on each person and store information that may be relevant to gift buying like clothing sizes. Each has a separate purpose and each one does their intended job well.

Freiteez says:

Thanks for the response! I've been checking this app out and really like it. Thanks for the review! :)

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

way off topic but can anyone tell me how you do the whole avatar picture thing next to your email?

Freiteez says:

I always forget to use the email I set up with gravatar...

dloveprod says:

I just add them to contacts info

iBirthday says:

"Occasions" is so much better than this!!! Among others if offers Facebook integration which is a much better source than your contacts for birthday dates.

rainynight65 says:

It seems that Occasions has severe problems since the last update, if the reviews on AppStore are anything to go by. Can anyone confirm that?

Mary Beth says:

All I need is Facebook to remind me of upcoming birthdays! :)